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Revert deagle nerf


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Since the weapons changes, the deagle has been one of the most noteable, no doubt there are some people who are happy with the change because they just wanted some sort of nerf for the deagle but this was definitely the wrong way to go about it, being able to headshot someone from such distance should be rewarded rather than penalized.

Things that could of been done:

Reduce mag size by 1

Reduce movement speed

Slower reload

Deploy speed

Even with these nerfs, can still use the deag to its full potential with the help of mods, but there is nothing you can with damage falloff.

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Some sort of nerf was necessary to rotate out the deagle out of top place for the more skilled players, but I tend to agree that a damage falloff was not really the way to go in nerfing the deagle. It completely eliminates users accuracy in hitting their shots, with accurate shots just making it so players survive with a fair amount of health.

Think a way to go for deagle nerfs is basically a slower reload and a reduced mag size by about 1 or 2 like lexx has mentioned. The nerf seems a little unfair, but me being a close range deagler, idrm, but long distance deagle users are incredibly crippled. 

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All one shot headshot pistols got a headshot damage drop off except the G2 Contender.

This wasn't a targeted nerf for the deagle.

Before the change all one shot pistols did to much and gave to much value.

All I did was add one negative to all pistols to take some power away from them.

Using a pistol as a sniper is no longer a viable option (Except for the G2)

@ lexx the perc gremlin  None of the changes you suggested would of achieved the goal I wanted for the pistols.

I also didn't want to change any base stats for the weapons because I believe they are in a good place.

Just because something requires skill doesn't mean it should be able to do everything. Limits need to exist to make other weapons viable.


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