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"The Vanilla Set"


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A set of vanilla weapons that are one of a kind, and I mean once one is unboxed, another cannot be unboxed of the same kind. Could be in a collectors case or just in a random crate. This has absolutely no mods on it, and is in the tier "Collector" similar to TF2. The text is red and no mods can be gained or placed upon a Collector weapon.

Instead of modifiers it would have a unique stat tracker on the weapon displaying:

  • How many headshot kills
  • How many regular kills
  • Total kills
  • Highest killstreak (per round while alive)

So basically once a person unboxes, lets say a 'Collector Vanilla Deagle', no more Collector Vanila Deagles can be unboxed unless the person who has it sells it to the store directly. This covets all other weapons on the server. Making each collector edition vanilla weapon extremely rare, valuable and unique.

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