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Flux Minecaft Server

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1 hour ago, LopSopDoy said:

Make a flux TTT survival and or creative mincraft server 

Hey there Milky wilky, for this to actually come an actuality more information is required to set up this kind of server.

  • Donation Incentives/Packages (For server survivability and longevity)
  • Advertisements/Voting crate system to make it active?
  • How do you plan to actually release the server without stealing TTT players?
  • Automated Events
    • Mob bosses etc.

Its all a well and good suggestion, love it, and we can give you guys just a plain survival server, but it will be dead in about a month, if not sooner. If you want a long lasting server, we need to know these things, unless you'd like me to do an event for minecraft and just keep it up til it dies out?

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