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Meta gaming - mass rdm - general clownery

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Your Steam Name: ねこ太 | Nekota

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:87526437




Name Of Server:  Flux TTT #2


Date & Time of Incident: APR/8/2019 1:45 AM


Reported Player's Steam Name(s)/SteamID(s): 


Zucc: STEAM_0:1:55729799 (RDM) 

Kestral: STEAM_0:0:65155021 (RDM/Racism)

Ruze: STEAM_0:0:69808930 (RDM)


What They Did Wrong:  Racism / RDM / Mass RDM / Metagaming


Logged Evidence on Reported Player: N/A

01:43:54 - :offline: Player ✪ Brax (STEAM_0:0:116446677) has left the server: -------===== [ BANNED ] =====----------= 

Player RuZe (STEAM_0:0:69808930) has left the server: -------===== [ BANNED ] =====-------

And 2 others I couldn't get the STEAMIDs for or copy the bans. Once these guys left, the entire group left the server. It was obvious they were metagaming from how they would kill someone who killed a member of the group. It's likely they were on a discord call together in a personal server. From the lack of guns, skins and knowledge of rules. It appears that they are new to our server and likely won't return unless they are going to cause even more chaos.


Video Evidence on Reported Player: 

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