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Grenade slot + Modifier


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  • Suggestion:
    • 3rd slot for grenades, been suggested alot but always burried under mountains of shit. Feel like this sort of thing is slightly overlooked, it dosen't need to be in a crate or anything, just a simple buy off of the store, maybe for alot of coin though. Possibly VIP? 
    • Also the possibility that something like this could have modifiers placed on it, like deploy speed/speedy, but only a singular modifier can be placed on it.
  • How will this benefit the server?
    • QOL, would be good to have.
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The grenade slot would be mint and I love the idea of a singular modifier for grenades; here's a couple I brainstormed.

MitosisGrenade splits into two grenades of the same type upon detonation (this gets rid of the initial explosion). The twin grenades will detonate 1 second after the original detonation. 

Detonator: Grenade will not self detonate after being thrown, it will remain in place until the thrower detonates it with MOUSE2 while in their grenade slot. Grenade will auto detonate if another grenade is thrown before the first is triggered.

Singularity: Grenade briefly pulls in those close to the grenade before detonation. AOE of singularity will scale with mod level.

Pitcher: Throw grenades twice as far

Sticky: Grenade will stick to the surface/prop/player it first touches and remain there until detonation.

AOE: Area of effect is increased by 5%/10%/15%

Reload: 10%/20%/30% chance of grenade being returned to you after detonation. This will fail if you already have a grenade in that slot.

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