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Double Tap rework


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Keep the names the same but it now works like this:

(Double tap \ Hair trigger)

You have a 20%, 30% chance to do 25% more damage with your next bullet

Remember the player still needs to hit them because if they miss the shot they will have to wait out the cooldown and wait for it to proc again.

25% of 20 damage = 5

A weapon that would do 20 damage normally is now doing 25 damage if the modifier is active.

Things to note:
- affected by amplifier
- Cooldown 1 seconds
- if you miss your next bullet you need to wait for it to proc again

Every bullet that's hits a player has a % chance to active double tap.
If double tap is activated your next bullet will deal 25% more damage.

You need to hit them with the second bullet to get the extra damage if you miss you need to wait for the cooldown and get lucky with the chance.

I have repeated myself a few time here just because last time I made this suggestion they didn't read it or understand.

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