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Handlimp's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Handlimp/

Reason for ban: mic spam and minging

Issuing staff member: Menace

Ban length: perm



Please. In the time of my absence, I believe that I have matured enough to be let back into FluxTTT. As I have made fond memories from coming on and messing around with the boys, I would much appreciate that if my ban was lifted and I could enjoy making many more fond memories to come. I understand and recognize my past behaviors, as to what the repercussions have lead to.

I would even like to go on a strict behavioral trial if it was to come to that. 

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Solid neutral, if you were to get unbanned i'd think you should be g for:

  • Unban, but any other slipup and you get community banned in its entirety, never to appeal again. You've fucked up too many times man, 6 bans from the new server alone, and the bans aren't long after your unbans either. You just dont seem to learn from your mistakes, and you're one of the bigger minges on the server.
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@ Handlimp
Based on your previous behaviour and bans, the staff have voted to deny this appeal.

The way you spoke to users and staff was incredibly distasteful and uncalled for, along with your other bans for mic spam, RDM and general minging.
We see very little reason you should be given a 4th chance when you've continuously reoffended after previous bans.

If you seriously believe that you can re-enter this community and take part within the confines of our rules, then I'd encourage you to reappeal this ban in 6 months.

/denied and closed.

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