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Doma ban appeal, the sequel.

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Steam Name: Doma

Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:56484101

Reason for ban: Map Exploitation (On probation at the time of ban)

Staff Member who banned you: No idea, should really try and get that fixed.

Ban Length: Permanent.

Your Appeal: Honestly I think anyone in the EXACT same situation as myself would've done the same things (e.g use the spiderman gun to avoid or stand next to an object that will prevent your death) to survive since you would much rather live then die. If I was told that what I was doing was considered "map exploiting" then I would've just typed kill in console straight up due to myself being on probation. However I think the instant ban was unwarranted even considering I was on probation. If someone were to constantly get out of the normal boundaries of a map and warned by staff for it then a ban is undoubtedly the right thing and I understand something like that. Honestly in my mind, the scenario of someone trying to survive and win the round for their team using tools implemented by high-ranked staff should not be a ban worthy offense (unless they're obviously in the insane bullshit spot that neither guns/traitor equipment can kill them than that's understandable).


I understand more about what the staff considers map exploiting and if I was to be unbanned then I would watch the way I play much more closely and not knowingly go into ban-worthy situations like that. I am sorry for any trouble I have caused for staff and players. If you have any questions please ask and I will answer them the best I can.

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All I have ultimately to say here Doma is each situation can vary on what occurs. In your case your were banned for your actions of map exploiting due to the fact you were on Probation, in which you would have been told your next ban is permanent. While Map exploiting usually is not a ban, it's usually a slay & a warn after a warning to leave if you ignore it, however you were using the spider man gun to stay alive inside of a Map trap designed to kill you and it glitched the door to where it wouldn't open. I believe the Probation was your final warning and you wouldn't receive any other warning if you'd broken another rule. Granted you had asked for a TP, after you were in there for a while. Staff only teleport players who are stuck and cannot use the !unstuck command for what ever reason, and won't teleport players who have gone into a trap designed to kill you.


You are indeed an older player and it is expected that the older players are aware and know the rules, and a multitude of other users on the server had also made comments that you were map exploiting, even the newer ones. Now the way I see it is if newer users can see that you were map exploiting surely you should know you were as well which was a breach of your probation, from my understanding.


These are just my observations I have no say in your ban being accepted or denied, This is purely what I noted when you were banned. It was Accel you banned you. I was present as was another staff member in discord at the time of the ban. It was decided that you were breaching your probation by exploiting the map, as proven by the fact that any other user would have been aware they were map exploiting.


I wish you luck in your appeal, I have mentioned what I noted and saw when you were banned, and hopefully this will be handled and resolved properly, despite what ever decision the admins may make.


Sincerely Ub3r

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