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Can i be unbanned from discord


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Well i made those accounts because i was falsely sever muted. All i did was mute taylor and then he sever muted me and would not unmute me and would not explain why i was muted so i made another discord account so i communicate with people in the Flux discord

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The original reason for your discord mute was because of mic spam and being excessively loud. This server mute would not have lasted too long however you proceeded to spam "Unmute me." when you were rightfully punished and tried to remove it yourself without staff permission. 


If you read the discord rules you would have seen the rules related to ban evasion.

"Chat ban or mute evasion will result in a server ban"


You tried evading the voice ban which lead to your account being banned. It probably doesn't need to be said but using alt accounts is a form of ban evasion too. Both your main and alts will remain banned.

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