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Joe's TTT Appeal


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Server: TTT

SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199095704186/

Reason for ban: Toxicity Minging

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: 3 days



Hi, I made an account on here just to say this I dont regret what I did, Subway Snacks told me to kill myself multiple times, Fartch and BunningsSnags were rdming and kossing me for no reason it was at this time of the day that it happened maybe an hour ago Tivit also consistently rdming me for no reason so after being abused from multiple players I decided to hit back and not take it lightly as they well knew what they were doing as more experienced players than me I decided after being rdmed multiple times not being allowed to complete 7 rounds or so  I was a traitor for a few but killed instantly on round start by Tivit and SubwaySnacks Fartch and BunningsSnags as I said were kossing me once the round started multiple times they deserved what I did to them because it was 4v1 and they wanted to get me banned because there cry babies and did start and kept continuing it after I hit back and I dont regret it at all I meant what I said they deserved it 100% they shouldnt of been targetting one specific player for no reason you check the logs or voice logs of this and you will find evidence of all of these players doing the wrong things.


If I stay bannned *shrugs* if I get unbanned *shrugs* they deserve every single bit of it and I would do it again 110% for sure after what they were doing taunting consistent false kos and rdming and SubwaySnacks told me to kms once or twice so yeah I dont really care I enjoy playing the server but they deserved it.

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56 minutes ago, Sleepy said:

what was the point in making this appeal?

Attention and a desperate attempt to make himself feel like the bigger guy despite acting like a littler toddler over a game that wasn't going his way instead of either leaving or getting staff assistance.

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Hello @ Joe thank you for making an appeal!

Unforuntatelly the evidence on you is too damning for us to decide to lower or eliminate this ban for you. Please wait the 3 full days and come back to flux once the ban is over! If you have any issues with players in the future please contact a moderator on server or report your issue to the next available staff member!


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