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Josh's Discord Appeal

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Server: Discord

SteamID: 76561198080906514

Reason for ban: Abuse towards a staff member

Issuing staff member: Kat

Ban length: 1 day



Literally all I did was call some Tmod a dog and write woof woof

Get over it, mods and regular members say a lot worse than that 
There were constantly people saying Tonybuttface is a rapist but I call someone a dog twice and I get a chat ban

Get over yourselves and take a joke 

thanks x



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Hey @ Josh , unfortunately you will not be unbanned upon reviewing evidence. We do not condone community members using disabilities as an insult to other community members/groups. General banter is okay, people can laugh and joke around and poke kind hearted fun, but we will not accept this behavior.

You will be unbanned from the chat after one day. Please sit tight.

/Denied and Closed

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