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Wheezer for Staff on TTT

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Carl Wheezer is a very fun person to play with. He can take a joke and dish one out all the same. He’s also quite a regular player from what I’ve seen.


Whether he’ll be a good fit for staff, I’m yet to fully see. It wouldn’t hurt to study up on the rules and try keep to them a bit more on the server. Based on your character however, I’d say you have the potential to become a good mod and would be worth at least a trial..


You’ve got my recommendation and my +1

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Gonna extend on from what I said I suppose..

Don't really think you're a good fit for mod RIGHT NOW, maybe in future, with some proper time put in to show you know and understand what it involves. My experiences with you have been pretty hit or miss, sometimes you conduct yourself well, sometimes not.  You're not a bad dude, but I don't think you're there yet.  

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