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Suggestion With Rules


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Hi there!

Due to prop damaging and prop killing being quite prevalent, I was wondering if staff might be able to have a look at making some rules in regards to prop damage and killing as I feel it's a bit fuzzy at times.

Sorry If im wasting time!



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I had a particular player follow me pushing me and blocking me with props for rounds without end. I asked them to stop and they wouldn't.

I was informed by the staff that I could ask them to stop and if they did not, then I had grounds to kill them. I'll be playing by this from now on.
But yes, it would be good to get some updates on the rules as there are a good couple grey areas that should be covered

I clarified a couple other kosable offences with Menace, so may as well share those too:

  • Destroying or disabling a Traitor Tester
  • Destroying detective cameras (only health station is referenced in the rules, but cameras count too)
  • Knowingly being in the presence of a KOS'd player 
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Also want to clarify the rules around sniping/randomly shooting. Can you actually kos someone off just sniping if you dont see the victim? It seems to be map dependant currently, and sometimes I see people kosed just for sniping even if the victim wasnt actually seen

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That would fall under traitor baiting Limbo, as they COULD be shooting someone but who is to know? No one should be randomly shooting out into the open as it is grounds to be killed/KOS'd.  A lot of confusion goes on when someone is sniping a known traitor(but it just looks like they're sniping someone), it's fuzzy and is up to whoever is staffing to determine whether the person who killed the person sniping should be slayed.  Although that's just my opinion, other staff may have a different view.

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