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MASS RDM for making a bad call on 1 single kill?


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its bobo.

been playing ttt for years and years. I was ADMIN on a big server that is still up and running.  i dont MASS RDM. I killed 1 guy i genuinely thought was the T. 

Cock sock just killed a guy with crowbar at start of round who was ID'd as inno... I walked away.   coming down the stairs cire was there. 1 sec later he is dead so i turned around and seen cock sock running into a room. He just killed a guy with a crowbar, and seen him running from somewhere a guy was JUST killed and NOT ID'd. I killed him. (he may have shot first idk id like to see the dmg logs). he turned out inno. so thats 1 "RDM". A slay. Yet im banned for MASS RDM??? i killed 1 dude who I thought was the T. Hes salty and bans me for mass RDM when hes the one who just did a TRUE RDM with a crowbar. 

I dont like un-fairness. The world is too unfair outside of a video game for it to be so unfair in the videogame itself. I suggest you talk to cock sock cuz i did not MASS RDM and i dare you to check the logs and see .PROVE ME WRONG

Id call that abuse. The punishment for RDM is a slay.  yet he banned me for first time rdm and ive been playing on this server for a few days now. It was just a bad call. Funny to ban me so quick when you literally just RDMd. Mine was a honest bad call. Yours was blatant. 




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Hey bobo!


Just wondering if you are maybe referring to a US flux server. I have heard that there is one in the US. This is an OCE TTT server. Hopefully whatever the case is it can get sorted for you!

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