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Event Nights: A Revival

Which one would you like (see choices below)  

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  1. 1. Which one would you like (see choices below)

    • GMOD Related server
    • Game Nights (low scale stuff)
    • CSGO Related server
    • CSS
    • Minecraft
    • Other

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Event Nights: A Revival


Hey all, so a while ago the staff team were chatting about a possible revival on Event/Game nights for the community, not only were these alot of fun for a majority of the players, but also provided a break outside of TTT to have fun with other community members and get an idea of what players might want to expand to. And since we hopefully wont be a TTT only server forever, we hope to bring some more enjoyment back into these community wide event nights.

  • How will the Event Nights work?
    • If a server is picked by the community, a determined amount of time will be set to actually putting up a server and making sure there are no errors, when a server is set up, the server will go for 12-48 hours depending on the influx and likability of the server, we aim for a server that has really a max lifespan of 2 days, so we can switch it up, with servers probably only being up for around 12 hours.
  • What about Game Nights?
    • Community hosted game nights such as jackbox, CAH, IO games (diep,scribble etc), pummel party, league etc. Will most likely make a return, headed by a staff member or another community member.
  • How will this all work?
    • Generally depending on the server, it might take a few days to properly set up, but other than that its what the community votes on playing, and we rotate around and see what we like and enjoy. Specifics still havent all been worked out, but IM guessing that it will most likely be a discord ping for events.

With those out of the way, im going to explain a few modes that we could do a full server on for players to end up playing. Most of these will be GMOD related as that is the game we are all most familiar with.

Other Games we could branch out to for event nights:

  • Minecraft:
    • Hunger Games, Free for all etc
  • CSGO:
    • TDM, KZclimb, deathmatch, 247 dust2 etc
  • Teamfortress2
  • SCP Lab
  • Rust
  • Ark
  • 7DTD
  • No more room in hell
  • CSS

These are just only some of the servers we could do, if you have a suggestion you would like to add, please post them here, in any case, please let us know what you would like to see in an event/game night

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