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STAFF! this is on ban site


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Here's what happened shortly before the ban: A user was impersonating me on the server, here is their profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198868092561/ The Imgur link is of a time not long before I was banned, when I first noticed the presence of a player with the same name as me, in the text chat. Once the player returned to the server, I messaged the admins of the server to point out that someone was impersonating me, before going to the impersonator's Steam profile in SHIFT+TAB (I was dead in TTT and spectating at the time). If you take a look at this user's previous names, you can see that they have played as kezman before. I may have missed any messages the admins sent back to me in the text chat in game, while I was in SHIFT+TAB, so I apologise. I was banned from the server while writing a report to Steam in SHIFT+TAB about the impersonator and have sent said report. However, I do not see what I was doing to be considered metagaming or abusing staff, either from the described actions above, or from anything else I was doing. Was I mistakenly banned instead of the impersonator? I would kindly appreciate the ban to be revoked or an explanation to be given as to why I was considered to be abusing staff or metagaming.

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