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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198053780809

Age: 53

Current Server Level: 34

Recommendation(s) from Staff:



I'm currently semi-retired from pro fighting (soon to transition to pro mma)

I've spent 30 years as a  professional in boxing and Muay Thai. Fighting in the Heavyweight Divisions.

I've been known to have the most technical striking in boxing and kickboxing history, and the best timing and precision in the world. And i have basic fundamentals in wrestling. 

I've won World Championship Titles in WBC, WBO, Glory and K1 Kickboxing.  And beaten some of the biggest names and best fighters in history. 

I hold a professional record of 180 wins and 0 losses altogether. And i've retired undefeated as the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

None of my wins were by Decision. All fights ended by tko/ko in rounds 1-3. 




Reason for Application:

I believe while there are a handful of great staff members here,  there's also plenty who aren't competent and clearly don't know what they're doing, freemuting people etc. 

I would be the solution to all of that, and be the most valuable staff member. 

I understand there's a balance  between having fun and stirring shit for laughs, and being too strict on players by making your own rules to freegag/freemute people.  Which is exactly why i would make by far the best staff member. 

making me staff would be the best choice and i would greatly improve the quality of the server tenfold Which is why I'm applying to be Staff Manager rather than Trial Moderator.


Previous Experience:



Additional Comments:

Recommendations: Richard Thick, TiviT, Fartchi, Mr wiggles Senior 

No staff recommendations yet. 

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