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[TTT] How to Play + Commands

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How to Play: Three different roles are randomly assigned to players each round: Innocent, Detective and Traitor.


  • Innocents: Your job is to roam the map and try to spot a player committing a traitorous act (Shooting players, killing, etc.), and kill all of the traitors you spot, while not killing any other innocents. When all traitors have been killed, innocents win the round! (Is anyone not given a role)
  • Detective: Your goal as detective is to assist the innocents in hunting down the traitors using the provided tools to ensure an Innocent victory. (One for every eight players)
  • Traitors: Your job is to assassinate every innocent without being caught by other players. When all innocents have been killed, traitors win the round! (One for every four players)



  • Press 'F' (Default) to use the flashlight
  • Press 'E' (Default) to interact
  • F1 - open basic Help and Settings
  • F2 - mute players (Cycles Terrorists, Spectators, All, None)
  • F3 - open Flux Shop
  • F4 -Accept Trade
  • F8 - open TTT Damagelogs
  • !menu - access basic SAM menu settings
  • !nominate or !nom - allows you to nominate a map to be voted on at round end
  • !unstuck - use when stuck to be moved to a location within the map, 20 second delay before teleportation occurs
  • !forums - access our forums
  • 'C' - access traitor menu
  • 'Q' - drop weapon in your hand
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