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Wrongly Slain By Terrestrial


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Your Steam Name: Cob

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:73165767


Name of Server: Flux Servers TTT #1

Date & Time of Incident: 12/10/2018, sometime around 9:30pm (Not sure of exact time, sorry)

Reported Players Steam Name: Terrestrial 

Reported Players Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83674147


Let me start off by saying that I wouldn't normally report someone on the forums for something as petty as a wrongly assigned slay, but this needs to stop. There have been multiple instances since terrestrial has become trial mod where people have been given unfair slays such as myself, Cardinal and Wawi. There have also been numerous occasions where Terrestrial has let people get away with false reporting and other instances of rule breaking, but as I couldn't find the logs for those rounds, I will just show proof for the wrongly assigned slay. (Please refer to the attachments for photo evidence) 


On the 8th round of the map, Johnny The Salesman was injured by a grenade launcher and killed me on my traitor round because he claimed i was the one who injured him. As the first attachment shows, it was someone else who injured him. The second attachment shows that I reported Johnny and that Terrestrial gave me an autoslay for a false report. When I confronted him about this, he claimed that johnny was also a T and he was giving me the slay as seen in the third attachment. This doesn't make sense because even if johnny was a T, he should have still been slain for teamkilling. The fourth attachment shows that the slain was carried out instead of being corrected or taken away.  


Myself and a number of other members of Flux TTT  believe that Terrestrial isn't cut out for being a moderator on the server as there have been many instances like this in the short time span he has had power. He is either choosing to ignore the rules or doesn't have the required knowledge.

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When i made my staff application i admitted that i might not be capable of being a moderator on Flux TTT #1. However [get's roasts ready]. Johnny replied "you shot me with a grenade launcher then dropped it so i killed you." This happened on the previous round & this report was made immediately at the beginning of the round. Henceforth, that explains why i was provided the logs from the previous round during the report. The logs of that previous round from memory illustrated how Cob reported a Traitor for killing him when he damaged the Traitor. This report is not substantiated.




-> Disappoint's me that Cob would Collaborate with Wawi and Cardinal [both players illustrated Constant RDM and Player/Staff Abuse Tonight - particularly towards Bongo, Uber and myself]. Both players were muted/gagged on numerous occasion's due to their inappropriate behavior. Sometime around 1:30pm: Cardinal RDM'd 3 people, left and responded for everyone to "deal with it" in his report responses and received 7 slays. This occurred after the following staff abuse on discord - evidence provided: 


This illustrates an example of the immense toxicity i received on Flux tonight. I metaphorically named the main cause of this toxicity the death Triangle: Bongo, Cardinal, and Wawi at the top^. 

--> Just after Cardinal left, another player named NotAce joined the server, rdmd myself and another player called "Joe with a y" and left the server responded in the subsequent reports "nigga sftu." He was slain 5 times as a result. I believe this should be investigated as it might be an alternate account of Cardinal. However, this is irrelevant to my point. 

--> This is a selfish attempt out of desperation to get me removed. The evidence he has provided is not substantive of his cause and this is extremely disappointing. Cob was on for a limited time today to provide an accurate description of the occurrences and is only going off the accounts of his 'idiot' friends. 

--> I believe Cob made this report as a result of a false KOS he was punished for previous on TTT_Dolls. He expressed excessive toxicity regarding this report, using explicit language on multiple occasions in voice chat. I cannot accurately recollect the time of occurrence. Cob is a brick wall.

--> I have also been accused of favoritism towards Bongo. This could be another reason for this report. This has been criticized by many online players, and Bongo has been accused of "sucking staff off for his VIP" and "sucking off Taylor to not get banned" by Wawi for example. I have been treating Bongo the same as every other player online. For example: https://image.prntscr.com/image/auU5c8TsRn2SoFeNnVdKyg.png 



I went for staff because i wanted to help the community. I've invested so much time into the server i've started to care for it.  I believed i have be active [which i have proved recently] and improve my staffing skills [i believe i am more confident then i was initially]. I understand that people don't like getting slain but that's not reason to make a piss-weak excuse of a report to try and get me demoted. It anger's me that i've tried my hardest to deal with a repetitive serious social issue between Wawi, Bongo, Uber and Cardinal tonight and not one seems to fucking appreciate it.

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#1: To respond to your first paragraph about the slay situation, the report was made after Johnny had shot me and before he killed me that round. If you somehow got confused looking at the logs and made a mistake, I can understand that. Mistakes happen, we are only human. However, I messaged you straight after I recieved the slay (as seen in the third attachment) suggesting that you were looking at the wrong round logs and the fact that you didn't have the decency to respond, double check the logs or follow up on the situation to see that you made a mistake, shows that you either didn't care or blatantly disregarded the whole situation. Poor effort. 


#2: I'd love to hear how you think i'm "collaborating" with players such as Wawi and Cardinal. If you are reffering to the part in my post where I said that the three of us recieved unfair slays, it's because of what I witnessed last night on the server. I would call that an observation, wouldn't you? Collaboration is the act of working with someone to produce something. When have I ever worked with either of the mentioned players? Don't know how I would as neither of them are on my firends list and the only time I ever come into contact with them is on the server. If you have evidence that proves that I am somehow involved with this toxic behaviour, I would love to see it. I've been on this earth for nearly nineteen years, I think im more than capable of making my own choices and bringing this to the forums without needing to collaborate with others. 


#3: If you think I made this report as a way to get back at you for a previous slay from a different day, you're braindead. Getting slain is part of the game so i'm completely fine with it as long as the slays are justified. In this case and many other cases I witnessed last night, the slays were not justified. I made this post to shine a light on the mistakes you are making because they are leaving a negative impact on the community. If no-one brought a situation like this to the forums, then nothing would get fixed. The fact that you are bringing up a situation from days ago and claiming that a previous slay is the reason I made this post shows just how pathetic your response is and that you are grabbing at every straw you can instead of focusing on the situation that is infront of you. 


#4: "It angers me that i've tried my hardest to deal with a repetative serious social issue between Wawi, Bongo, Uber and Cardinal and not one seems to fucking appreciate it." What do you want a medal? This is another example of how childish you are and how you are clearly not cut out for the position. If you want appreciation and recognition everytime you do you job or deal out a slay, that's sad as. You should do your job to benefit the community, not for the recognition.

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This issue is resolved and Teoin has been given guidance on these issues. As a side note Cob, you cannot expect a Trial Moderator to get everything right on his first day, that is why the position is designed as a learning process. It would be greatly appreciated that you give him a chance instead of insisting he be demoted, and that if you have any further issues about Teoin and/or any future Trial Mods, you contact a staff member who is Admin or higher via either Steam or Discord (preferably the latter), so that we can speak to them privately about it.

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