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Hindra prop psuhed me off the edge of the map (Metropolis)

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Soo While the video does show Hindra prop pushing you, it is unclear whether he is a traitor or not as you did not show it, your video also had no audio. There is a 50% chance that he was a traitor and a 50% chance that they were innocent it is unsure. I don't know if staff can really do much without knowing.



However i would like to add this user has been Banned in the past and has a reputation for RDMing leaving to avoid the report, lying in reports and then changing his Name. He was banned under the Alias Vehleo a few weeks ago, and has had various name changes again. Started at Munmuk, and is now to Hunark, from Hindra. This player is a minge who has been warned verbally as well as countlessly slain and had multiple complaints in game, and banned at least once but continues to do this.


Please note this user has gone by various aliases i have uploaded a screenshot of their name history.


http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047771932 is his profile

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Hindra, Who was known as Hunark earlier today, is know known as bembo with 2 name changes through out the day. How wonderful.




They appear to keep having a identity crisis 3 name changes in 1 day, 2 the day after and 2 the day before.


Edit : - They are know known as FL, Coffee? and Taylor have seen him in game, and delt with his actions under that name.


They are now known as NASAA

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