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Bongo Incursion

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Your Steam Name: [TE]Ub3r | Flux


Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:38062157


Name Of Server: Flux Servers (Server 1)


Date & Time of Incident: 07/10/18 - 10:10pm-10:20pm onward


Reported Player's Steam Name: (1)Bongo, (2)Bongo, (3)Bongo, Bongo , Flux | Bongo Need Money 4 Wookie


Reported Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:80418813 , STEAM_0:1:33521787 , STEAM_0:1:170429212 , STEAM_0:1:86039204 , STEAM_0:1:186194366


What They Did Wrong: These players, were purposfully targeting Bongo. Granted he may be a dickhead sometimes he still does not deserve this. It started with SuperSayinGrumpyCat changing his name then everyone else did. They eventually lead the Original Bongo to getting karma banned by shooting him randomly.


Logged Evidence on Reported Player: 




^ above ^ is a screenshot of Status typed in console you can see all the bongos and the original bongo. One of them (Johnny the Salesmen) who changed their name used a Russian B so it looked just like the original Bongo's.


Video Evidence on Reported Player: I do have video footage of the 4 bongos, and their profiles if required. I'm not going to upload it unless it is 100% neccesary.

The Colour formatting does not appear in the Post menu or editing menu so I cannot fix it. I do apologise for that.







Are all the profiles of the people reported above.




Is a guy who joined in after, but was still in the event (started after the report was posted)

This issue also made it difficult to play as to we couldn't call a kos on the name "Bongo" as 6 people had it.

https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198101581044/ - Chicken Junior Also joined in on it


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