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Terrestrial* Staff Application [Trial Moderator]

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Good morning, afternoon and evening. Introduction --

Requirements: I have currently played 768 hours and 16 minutes on Flux TTT. I am relatively active on the discord server. I am over 15 year's of age [16]. I have a recommendation from Accel. 

Negatives: I do not currently have a microphone that works. I have numerous extensive bans on my account. I believe i have at-least 35 karma bans, and 4 extended bans including a permanent. Hear me out. 


Server: Flux TTT 

Steam Name: Current Steam Name [Terrestrial]; Formally known as Teoin

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83674147

Age: 16

Recommendations: Accel

Why do you want to become staff? I have witnessed numerous stressful situations where no administrator was present at the time [i usually contact administrators on discord regarding serious issues]. However, I feel immobilized because of this. I don't actually know whether i would be a capable administrator on Flux TTT. Nevertheless, I have a decent understanding of the gamemode and the rules. If i could have the opportunity to further develop my staffing skills [explained below] in this regard, i believe i "could" contribute massively to a positive environment on the server. I understand, everyone might recognize Teoin from late 2017/early 2018 as a minge on Flux TTT, regularly partaking in mass RDM, prop-killing etc... Recently, I have transformed myself otherwise. 

Do you have a microphone and how often do you use it? I do not currently have a microphone. It got smashed somehow... erhmm. However, i could perceive some positives that arise from this. I believe that using my microphone allowed me to display immature behavior and have a negative influence on the environment. I have explained this to Cuck in the past. I believe this contributed towards my transformation into the player i am now. 

How many hours do you have on the server? 768.

Have you previously been a staff member on any servers? Initially, staffing on a foreign Zombie survival server [ZombieZone]. I achieved the rank of Bouncer. This familiarized me with the xgui menu and some basic operations. I assisted a friend [bepis_Cola] with his attempt to start a new Trouble in Terrorist Town server [sayain TTT]. Despite its relative failure, this familiarized me with "RDM Manager" and some other Tools in the xgui. 


Conclusion: I understand that I have been banned countless times. I understand that i might not be the best TTT administrator initially. However, if i can develop the skills i acquired through staffing on other servers, I believe i could contribute positively to Flux TTT.

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Teoin, While you follow the rules and you are a great player what concerns me are those bans you listed not the karma ones the extendended and permant. There is also the problem of sometimes you and get quite triggered and targeting of someone. Other then that you do seem to be a decent candidate because you follow the rules frequently you also tell other players to follow the rules or read them.


In all honesty though i don't really care about the bans your a decent person, and you always follow the rules. Granted It does sometimes appear people don't like you, but for the most part it doesn't matter whether they like you or not. It really depends on how you respond to them. I believe if you can keep being active with the community, to become better known you would make a decent staff member. Granted you may not have much experience but it isn't rocket science to be staff on TTT. All you really need to know and understand is the Damage Logs, the TTT report system the xgui and the ULX menu and commands. Which i believe you will easily learn and pickup on.

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