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Prop-Killing as Spectator: Evidence of two individuals breaking the rules.

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Relevant information regarding myself: 

----SteamID: STEAM_0:0:83674147

----SteamName: "Fuvero" [however you might formally know me as Teoin].


Relevant information regarding this report:

----Name of Server: Flux Servers *star* TTT #1 | Coinflip | Custom Weapon(s)

----Date and Time of Incident: Screenshot illustrated below take at approximately 9:45pm, 24/09/2018

----What they did wrong: Players have been repeatedly been warned to not prop-kill as a spectator. This is interference with the gameplay and I have seen an administrator [emma] threaten player's with a ban if they continue this obnoxious behavior. Furthermore, I believe this report is relevant as I have screenshotted two individuals who have been doing this all map [Metropolis] who's names are displayed below. I have never formally witnessed NICKTHEVAMPIRE participate before. However, I acknowledge Gibzzy to regularly partake in this. Furthermore, I believe Gibzzy's ban should be extended for this reason. 

----Reported player's steam name: "Gibzzy" and "NICKTHEVAMPIRE."

----Reported player's steamID's: STEAM_0:1:79190989 [Gibzzy] and STEAM_0:0:61404908 [NICKTHEVAMPIRE] respectively. 

----Screenshot Evidence: I have referred you to a link in my community profile: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1521692396. Please contact me if it doesn't work.




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I can Vouch for their prop killing, and their RDM via pushing people off. I sometimes sit in discord with them, and i listen to them do it. I have a video recording on my PC somewhere of Nick just Pushing me off for no reason, and i report him and he responds with "You false Kosed me", in which lead to me to get slain for false report. NICKTHEVAMPIRE uses shadowplay to record and consistently threatens to report people, for breaking the rules and he has admitted to me that he does edit out the bits of him breaking the rules.


If required i am upload the video clip after finding it, it only showcases him doing it once to me, but i believe i've got a couple more of him actually doing it. He also tends to lie to staff when he is told not to do it. Gibzy isn't entirely at fault when it comes to it, as to NICKTHEVAMPIRE encourages him, to join in and he does.

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