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TTT Staff Guidelines

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A lot of cases are situational and will require a staff member's better judgement when dealing with each individual case, and as such may not follow the exact guide below. This is purely a set of guidelines for staff to follow if they do not know what to do at any point in time. It also exists so there is no confusion or discrepancy between staff or players with what punishments are to be given if needed. These guidelines are also subject to change, however everyone will/should be notified of any changes that are made.

--Mic Spam--
If a player is screaming/blowing/moaning/playing loud music for more than 3 seconds:
          - Gag for 5 minutes
          - If continued gag them for 10 minutes
          - If continued gag them for 30 minutes, warn through SAM
          - If continued permanently gag the player

 --Chat Spam--
If a player repeatedly fills up the chat box with the same or similar message:
          - Mute for 5 minutes
          - If continued mute them for 10 minutes
          - If continued mute them for 30 minutes, warn through SAM
          - If continued permanently mute the player

          - RDM Innocent = 1 slay
          - RDM Traitor/Detective  = 2 slays
          - Random Damage = 1 slay
          - False report = 1 slay
          - Crossfire (situational) = 1 slay
          - False KOS on an innocent = 1 slay
          - False KOS on a traitor = 2 slays
          - Disconnects before player responds= 1 additional slay

--Attempted RDM--
          - See above under "RDM"

--Mass RDM--
1st offence
          - 1 round that has 4 valid reports on a single player = 5 day ban
          - Multiple valid reports over multiple rounds (i.e. 5-6)
                    - Warn using SAM warn function
                    - If continued = 5 day ban
2nd offence
          - If above criteria have been met = 7 day ban
                    - Skip SAM warn step if needed.
3rd+ offence
          - If above criteria have been met = each ban length doubles the previous

          - Collect evidence of the individuals involved then warn through SAM warn function
          - If continued 3 day ban
          - If continued 5 day ban
          - If continued 7~ day ban

--Player/Staff Abuse--
          - Warn in-game via SAM PM
          - If continued mute/gag for 10-15 minutes
          - If continued warn them through SAM warn function
          - If continued ban for 3 days

          - Aimbot/wall hacks/acebot = Permanent ban after evidence is collected

          - Warn through SAM
          - If continued permanent ban after evidence is collected

Map related exploits (such as getting outside/abusing poorly created maps):
          - Verbally warn the player against using the exploit (teleport them out if needed)
          - If continued slay the player and warn them through SAM
          - If continued kick them
          - If continued ban them for 1-3 days

Server related exploits:
          - Kick the player to make sure its them exploiting (if needed)
         - Contact Menace ASAP before issuing a ban
          - Permanently ban the player if needed, get their SteamID, try and gather information on when the exploit in question occurred
                    - If possible find what caused it and tell Menace about it (he might be able to help…)

--Same/unpronounceable/un-typeable/non-English Names--
If more than 1 person has the same name:
          - Find the person who recently changed or has an illegal name and SAM warn them to change it
          - At the beginning of the next round if they haven't changed the name, change via SAM name change

          - Gag/mute for 5-10 minutes and tell them through SAM pm or admin respond function to stop
          - If continued gag/mute them for 15 minutes, warn through SAM
          - If continued gag/mute them for 30 minutes
          - If continued permanently gag/mute the player

--Personal Information Leaks--
          - Collect evidence then permanent ban

--DDoS Attack--
          - Collect evidence then permanent ban

--Avoiding Punishment--
          - Re-apply the punishment and warn them through SAM warn function 
          - If continued ban for 1 day

--Inappropriate Sprays--
Pornographic sprays:
          - PM the player telling them to change their spray
          - If continued use the SAM spray ban permanently

Hentai (because someone will probably argue about it):
          - As above
Gore/messed up stuff
          - As above

--Child Porn--
…Does this need explanation?
          - Permanent ban ASAP

          - Warn them via PM to stop immediately
          - If continued gag/mute for 10-15 minutes, warn through SAM warn function
          - If continued ban for 1-3 days

--Staff/Player Impersonation--
Pretending to be staff, or copying a user's name/profile picture
          - Warn them using SAM warn function
          - If continued change username via SAM, PM to change picture if needed
          - If continued ban for 1-5 days ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

--Alternate Accounts--
If a player has been banned and join with a 2nd account
          - Collect evidence that it’s a banned player (make sure it is the same person)
          - Permanently ban the alternate account

--Admin Chat Spam--
If they spam it with the same thing constantly (and it's not a conversation)
          - Warn through SAM warn function
          - If continued kick
          - If continued ban for 1-3 hours

If you ban someone for longer than 2 days

          - Put the reason for the ban plus an explanation of what they were doing.
          - Submit all information and evidence you have collected on the player in the #flux-server-punishments chat in Discord (providing it's under the upload limit), Menace would like evidence/proof of all players breaking the rules.

--Text and Verbal Jokes--
Members are allowed to use offensive language and comments towards other members if it is in a joking or justified manner. staff members are not permitted to restrict or limit this communication unless it progresses to targeted harassment or is of the intention to hurt other members. The scale of this is to be measured by the staff reviewing the matter. Staff must review all publicly available context before coming to a decision.

1) Jokes that contain the topic of suicide, pedophilia and CP are allowed only in the case of a mocking fashion, or to be making fun of individuals involved in such behavior, however if this is directed towards another member in the form of harassment, this is not permitted. Context will decide if this is or is not a joke.

2) You are not allowed to reply to someone with "kys", "you're a pedo" or any other damaging claims or accusation when there is not any context that would convince a staff member that you are joking. Without the initial context the above statements are not jokes and will result in you being punished for harassment or bulling.

3) If user(s) are offended by others jokes, staff members should recommend to the user in question to block the user(s) that is offending them.

4) All users need to understand that this is the internet and it is up to them to filter out people that are annoying/offending them via the tools that are provided. i.e. block/mute

          *Evidence can be raw screenshots and video clips.
          *If aimbot is blatant and affecting current round significantly focus on banning the person quickly.
          *if you are contacted from a person you have punished explain the reason through SAM admin respond or pm. (spam it if you have to get it through to them)
          *if you don't have access to ban, then add 1.866414801037369e+20 slays and contact a mod or higher and get them to ban the user (get their SteamID)

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