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Server: Flux TTT


Steam name: Tim The Warlord


Steam id: STEAM_0:1:66151985


Age: 15



1: Wookie


Why do you want to become staff?

I want to become staff bc i have spent a lot of time on flux and i guess it is my time to apply and become staff to help out the server.



Do you have a mic and how often do you use it?

I use my mic a lot.


How many hours do you have on our servers? 

29 days and 11hrs


Have you been a staff member on any gmod servers?

No, i have no experience 

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Hello there


On behalf of the staff at flux servers we would like to say welcome to trial mod.

your application has been Accepted,  


Next time you are on the server or discord please contact a current member of staff so we can run you through the basics


thank you.

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