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Rolf's Staff App

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:eggplant: ROLF'S Staff Application :eggplant:



Server  "Flux TTT


Steam name:   "Rolf Harris"


Steam id:  "STEAM_1:1:48507912"


Age:  "19" "17/01/1999"


Why do you want to become staff?

Honestly not going to lie, people apply for staff on servers because they think its cool to have the power and to have the control of running a server. Yes moderating servers and having the final say in matters is a part of being staff, but it is also about building a community and creating a fair ground between people socialising on the server and forum.  I have been on servers, not just gaming on them but being close with the moderating teams and also being a staff member myself on servers for over 3-4 years, crossing between GMOD, CSGO and ARMA 3 Altis life. I have also been in the Military "For you Americans" Or the Australian Defence Force, so i am more mature than most but i still know how to make some banter.



Do you have a mic and how often do you use it? 

Comms on gamemodes like this are a necessity. When players aren't overloading the chat i am using relevant callouts to help out with the match and also engaging with other people. 



How many hours do you have on our servers? 

As previously said, I have been playing for a number of years across flux servers and others for a number of years and had accounts compromised. Besides these unfortunate events I have been on the sidelines "not being noticed much" and playing within the flux community for a time between now and back to 2016, before i left for the army.


Have you been a staff member on any gmod servers?


Please Relate to previous answers as its probably best for time management that i dont repeat myself. Been on servers moderating and also helping out with code and content for a number of years, "as i do IT and Networking as a job in the army."


I also have my youtube channel in which I make different content @ www.youtube.com/user/jackred7



Kind Regards,

Rolf (Jack)


:salty: :salty:

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