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Meru's dumb ideas for mods

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(Lightning) this will give a shockwave to a player and if there are more near by it will hit them to as a chain reaction the max is 4 players..

(Dead Eye) give u a chance for your bullets to lock on for a short amount of time 

(Earthquake) make the other player screen shake making it much harder for the player 

(Teleport) when u hit 5 HP you teleport away from the person whop has put u down to that HP 

(Sudoku) a player has a very small chance to explode after dying the same radius of a barrel  

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Lightning and Sudoku are just asking for trouble if you ask me. They would cause so much 'accidental' RDM and just simply aren't worth it imo. Earthquake and Teleport just sound like a huge pain in the ass that would probably cause some people to never rejoin the server imo, plus people already complain enough about the effect the fire mod has on players and something like earthquake would be far worse. Dead Eye is the only viable one here imo, and even then I don't think giving players aimbot for any period of time is a great idea.

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