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NotZed's Staff Application

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Server: TTT


Steam name: NotZed


Steam id: STEAM_0:0:131128676


Age: 18



1: Menace

2: Taylor

3: Anthony

4: Neko Kat

5: Jack

6: Wookie

7: Cardigan

8: Cuck


Why do you want to become staff? 

I have been playing TTT for almost 2-3 years and have a lot of experience with the rules within the server. I'd love to become staff to help out with the reports when staff members are on and offline. I also have quite a bit of experience with lua coding and would love to help out if you ever need me too. I have developed or been developer of Slygaming bhop and TTT. I have helped code for with Poseidon bhop and Monumental gaming. Those are the few main servers (quite popular too) the others are just small servers that I've helped do a couple "jobs" for.


Do you have a mic and how often do you use it?

Yes, i am constantly in discord talking to people.


How many hours do you have on our servers?

I have 5 days (120hrs) on Fluxservers.


Have you been a staff member on any gmod servers?

Yes i have been owner of; A few of my own bhop servers, Slygaming (Bhop). The servers i have just been staff of are; Slygaming (TTT)Slygaming(Deathrun)Krypix gaming AKA "KxG" (Bhop). If you have any questions about any of these servers feel free to PM me on steam or discord.



Thank you all for your time and consideration.

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