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  2. This has been forwarded to Menace to look into, thank you for your patience
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  4. I purchased a $50 VIP donator package promising 120 days of VIP status on the 30th of October. I have been enjoying that VIP status but today when I joined the TTT server my status is back to 'Donator' prematurely. I believe that this has been in error. I am not completely sure if this is the right forum but it was the most suitable that I could find. I noticed that there is a forum for this and that my post needs to be moved.
  5. Hello, I am having issues where I cannot see playermodels in-game, I have dl'ed all of the workshop content from !ws. Would like any more suggestions, thanks. *Nevermind it works now*
  6. The Digital Solutions problem solving process is as follows:

    The explore phase involves students investigating a need, want or opportunity to analyse and understand a digital problem and its relationship to existing solutions.

    The develop phase involves students creating new understanding and identifying possible solutions using design, systems, and abstraction and algorithmic computational thinking processes. Students evaluate personal, social and economic impacts, components and digital solutions against criteria throughout the develop phase to make decisions and refine the user experience and technical operation of components of the solution.

    The generate phase involves students using information, software, programming tools and skills, and systems and design thinking processes to create components of an identified digital solution. Students evaluate personal, social and economic impacts, components and digital solutions against criteria throughout the generate phase to make decisions and refine the user experience and technical operation of components of the solution.

    Evaluate and refine
    When students evaluate, they use systems, design and computational thinking to appraise personal, social and economic impacts, components and digital solutions by weighing up or assessing strengths, implications and limitations against prescribed and self-determined criteria. When students refine ideas and a digital solution, they make partial or minor changes based on selected criteria to improve the user experience and technical operation. Evaluation occurs throughout each phase of the problem-solving process in Digital Solutions in order to refine the components and a solution in response to the prescribed and self-determined criteria.

  7. do you apply for jobs with that email.
  8. You threw a frag grenade into a crowd of people, It exploded, It damaged people. I chased and killed you, I explained in my response why I killed you but you never replied despite me telling you twice what you did wasn't right.
  9. nothing can be done if you dont have proof to show.
  10. Incident occurred on TTT, at 10/22/20 21:30, GMT +11 (Sydney) GMT+10. My SteamID: Coolkiller7411 Reported Player: cock (cock) Description of incident: I was RMDed in one of your TTT flux servers by an Admin by the name of 'cock', I reported this person in game but he was the one who resolved the report and discarded it. I would just like for him to have some kind of punishment and not get away with it. Evidence: I don't have any evidence, but He has violated the rules by RDMing me. If there is any way you would like to ask me something about this incident my email is: [email protected] I did not capture a picture of this incident, but I think it is very stupid a member of this servers staff is doing this.
  11. +1 very handsome and cute 10/10 would date
  12. My bad, thought you were someone else. +1 anyway though as I have played with you and reckon you can fill in the holes other staff can't
  13. what? The only other TTT server i played on was Moat lmao...
  14. +1 I played on AussieTTT. FPS, you might remember me from AussieTTT as that guy who had the scoreboard rank "server minge" because he followed the rules [That was last year, don't pin me on it now please :(...]. Hmmm... From experience, on FluxTTT and AussieTTT; you are and were a valuable member of the community respectively, and should be given an opportunity in my opinion. Edited 2/11/2018: However, i don't see you regularly on the server. If you could improve your activity in the future, or is that just my perception?
  15. +1 great bloke and friendly to approach for help
  16. Server: Discord SteamID: STEAM_0:1:436676804 Reason for ban: Defamation of Character Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: Permanent Appeal: I was banned for defamation of character in the Flux servers discord over an edit I made as a joke. I understand that this is a sensitive topic and that I shouldn't of have included a Flux staff member. However, it was posted in memes and media and was in no way shape or form meant to defamate. As well as this, I was banned as the staff member involved was relating it to paedophilia, however in the picture there was no mention of the persons age nor mentions of paedophilia. It was a clearly edited picture and was not meant to be taken seriously, hence why I posted in memes and media. Please consider my unban, Spunky
  17. +1 very reliable guy will be a great addition to staff team to balance it out
  18. Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:245926163 Age: 15 Total Hours Played on Flux: 208 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About Adine flux: ok firstly, i have over 60 solo wins on fortnite, i live on the coast of NSW and i am very responsible. i am also single, taking guys or girls but preferably guys. Reason for Application: because i think that the server is very well kept under control but is a bit too serious, like, its a gmod server not the police. i believe you can be a moderator/admin and still have fun while doing your part on the server. I find Tim, Bacooba and Swix to be great examples of this. Previous Experience (if applicable): professional sex doctor. Comments:
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