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  2. Debla that model is a bit bigger than 8mb 🙂
  3. Cayde-6 player model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1841729938&searchtext=Cayde-6+Player+Model
  4. Follow up to my previous comment. Yes, you are, but you have 114 messages and I'm not on all the time but fairly regularly, and not once have I seen you in a call. -1 from me buckaroo
  5. Bland and uninteresting. Too stock, no one would use it.
  6. Sorry, We, the Flux Servers senior staff team do not see you suitable for a staff position currently. You may reapply in the future if you see fit.
  7. Yesterday
  8. good enough accuracy without ads anyway
  9. crossfire really do be quirky like dat
  10. default source model that i feel like should get added models/player/Group01/female_04.mdl https://csite.io/tools/gmod-universal-mdl
  11. It's bugged because of this If you disable that then you get it to work ADS
  12. I recently claimed the AR-15 from an airdrop and tested it out. It is a great and balanced gun but there is a bug with the ADS on the gun. Images below of hip fire and ADS.
  13. Last week
  14. DNA is synonymous with a KOS unless the attacker had a valid reason to kill the victim which was publicly identified in chat (Note: This does not count for Detectives. Killing and/or being fired upon by a Detective is an active KOS - DNA from a Detective's body is an active KOS). In my opinion, the Detective shouldn't be responsible for the death of an Innocent if the Innocent did not publicly declare it acted accordingly in text/voice chat as the Detective would act without context. BUT THAT'S JUST A GAME THEORY! 🏁
  15. Nymodia


    is it a car bar for cars can i bring my car to your bar or is it a no car bar that bars cars from your bar please get back to me
  16. Nobody shuld ever spel it infront its two words "in front"
  17. My Mom took away my computer! No More Fortnite >:(! I showed her I posted her credit card on my Instagram! HECK YOU MOM

  18. It's dependent on who is responsible for the victim's death in the report. If you acted carelessly and killed the victim you should be slain i.e. firing at a target (with a valid reason) when the victim is close proximity and killing them as a consequence (Note: self-defense cases are different and sometimes can't be avoided when shooting at an attacker in a clusterfuck). BUT THAT'S JUST A GAME THEORY. @Order66 'Did I mkee any slnlipeg misstakes?'
  19. I believe that you shuld spell should correctly for your opinion to matter
  20. I believe that it shuld still be considered a slay, unless you have fool proof video evidence of the "rdmed" actually running infront of your shots
  21. Like Wolfe. I know i aint staff anymore but if you rdm, even if accidental, should still be slayable, the whole point of the game is to kill the opposing team not to rdm innocents. I mean sure if it truly is an accident and the death scene supports your point of view, depending on the staff you may not even get a slay or warning for it. But crossfire still equals slay since it still falls under the basis of RDM.
  22. Heres my entry i hope i win guys wish me luck
  23. I'm not staff anymore, but when I was I'd watch the death scene a couple times to get a clear idea of what happened. If it looks like it was legit an accident or w/e then I wouldn't slay for it, but if it looked like it was done on purpose then they'd cop a slay.
  24. Technically crossfire is slayable but it really depends on the staff member handling the report
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