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  2. thtats cringe deathmatch doesnt need playermodels, menace should instead remove poison and fireburning effects from deathmatch as they make it hard for me to aim, thanks.
  3. make it so we can use other playermodels other than default in deathmatch
  4. Last week
  5. hello @ George your appeal for a ungag was successful and you will be ungagged once you join the server if you say any slurs in the server you will be gagged permanently again and you may not appeal for a ungag this appeal is accepted and closed.
  6. Update, Lush was warned but will not be losing trusted rank.
  7. stop trolling, half my bans were done off server
  8. We don't believe this to be serious. What you can do: Provide more evidence of abuse, report to steam or block him. https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/4DE7-17AA-0E8B-C1AD
  9. rape threats should always be taken serious and not a joke menace, keep in mind he said that after rdming me you forget this is a FLux player that has been given the trusted rank
  10. There isn't enough here to punish someone for abuse. We believe this to be a joke and not to be taken seriously. If there is more evidence of this behavior please post it. Also, Due to the fact this was said in steam DM's and not on any flux community platform this is a steam issue. Unless the chat abuse starts or makes it's way on to the community platform. RDMing someone isn't chat abuse.
  11. Monk shouldn't be allowed to ban and this is why
  12. hello @ chips6yrold ill unban you from the discord since there was no recorded logs on you what so ever and i also feel that it has been a long time since your ban ill go ahead and unban your accounts on discord this appeal is accepted and closed.
  13. Incident occurred on TTT, at 01/29/23 15:55 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198021743420 Reported Player: Lush (76561198847152873) Description of incident: Lush said im going to be violently raped after targeting me for RDM ingame I think this is grounds for threats and targetted harassment/rdm = perm ban Evidence:
  14. Georgie (from young sheldon) is an amazing character he brings lots of joy into the series by impregnating a 29 year old woman at 17 and helping his grandmother (referred to as meemaw) running a cheeky little pokies room in the back of the laundromat. George is clearly a descendent of Georgie and like his predecessor he breathes life into the flux community aswell. Sadly it's quite appalling that monk is allowed to do such thing but even worse his fellow staff members allowed this to happen with no oppression (except for higashi). +1 ungag this innocent man
  15. well if there were, i would say but i've deleted all my alt discord accounts a long long time ago. / regards oakvoraub
  16. I have known george (real name Keiran) for nearly 5 years now. Ever since he was a child moderator on Poseidon TTT and I was an admin, he was really mature for his age. Keiran was a good child, always attended school and for the most part got good grades and stayed out of trouble. I think the problem began when he entered university (studying an undergraduate degree is Women's Studies) and fell into the wrong group. I watched helplessly as this beautiful young man turned into a ruffian drug abuser womaniser racist. Eventually I reached breaking point and wanted my old Keiran back. I organised an intervention with Keiran and his parents as a last resort to open his eyes. Keiran actually broke down crying once he realised what he had become. With my help, Keiran began attending drug users anonymous, mysoginists anonymous, and white people anonymous. He has made leaps and bounds and actually only last week obtained his 30 weeks heroin sober poker chip. However, despite his progress, he is still not completely recovered. When playing on the TTT server, I believe the extremely cancer interactions that occur with most of the player base trigger Keiran into his old behaviours. Punishing Keiran for his mental illness is not the answer though; instead, I think the other brainlets on the server such as DaD or Purple Monkey should be permagagged instead, perma banned even. It is not fair to punish one for his simple retaliation to the transgressions of others. "When one man is tried for the crimes of many, the the you when the once when I that" - Cleetus McBride, stroke sufferer
  17. monks said it a few times in his lifetime (with evidence)
  18. RPname: Boy Sempson Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/fatengineer/ SteamID: STEAM_0:0:32092579 Age: 18 Playtime: 6d 19h Why would you make a good staff member?: I care deeply for the server and it's players, having done extensive research on the rules and having a history of following them. I am dedicated to this server and believe it can truly be great. I am able to remain calm during tense situations and understanding towards others and their beliefs. I am also quite active on the server, often logging on at least once a day, even when there are little to no players online. Any prior staffing experience (includes command usage)?: I was a moderator on a (now-defunct) small-time Minecraft server from July 2021 to September 2022 (when it shut down), but GMod is something new for me. Do you agree to the prerequisites listed above?: Absolutely
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