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  2. Server: Discord SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198855534257/ Reason for ban: doxxing Issuing staff member: Ban length: perma Appeal: posted an old photo of someone and got perma banned, would appreciate an unban aye
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  4. Unfortunately due to lack of evidence we can do nothing more than watch these accounts on the server. Thank you for your report however, and we will make sure to keep an eye on them.
  5. -1 We literally wiped all of the bans, it was a fresh start for everyone. I dont exactly know why it didn't occur to you to not repeat previous offences. But you seem to have not changed, and the whole circle jerk you have with you're friends isn't really fun for other players. (I was in a discord call with menace while you were literally targetting others on the server, and I heard through his mic and through him the situation, acting dumb is the worst thing you can do ahahahaha) Act like a clown, you get treated like one. You dont deserve a third chance.
  6. +1 his sense of humour comes off a little strong but he actually just wants to play TTT. He is unworthy of an infinity long ban as infinity is pretty long in my opinion. Bring back the king cock.
  7. +1, seems genuinely apologetic and remorseful. Deep down is a good guy, although he comes off a bit abrasive on the surface, he is truly a humble man who loves a good bit of banter on flux servers with the loving and forgiving community members within. Hopefully the staff on the server can see past he silly mistakes and give the man a deserved second chance.
  8. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:88485745 Reason for ban: 'toxic' Issuing staff member: Ban length: infinity Appeal: Hi guys, Ill keep it short and sweet because I know my chances are slim regarding how hated I am on this server. I dont hate you guys! Keep that in mind. I love TTT. I love FLUX! There are obviously no other good AU servers so here I am trying to right my wrongs. I was banned upon reopening of flux TTT for being too toxic. I'm not sure exactly what I did as I have been on my best behaviour and have followed the rules clos
  9. Maps: • ttt_aircraft_ccf_r2_fix2 • ttt_67thway_v14 • ttt_metropolis • Added ttt_magma - Spawns should should better now • Summermansion • ttt_warehouses Fixes: • Kakariko has a few more spawn points • Fixed unreachable position on office • Metropolis has less exploits • Warehouses has a few kill zones to cancel out delaying • aztec player blocker on top of roof • You can now see weapon skins on people you're spectating • Donation store fixes • Galil ADS has been fixed • UI fixes - Weapon levels, spectating people • Preview for crates now fits in better •
  10. Modifier List Uncommon Extra Ammo I - Your gun starts with an extra magazine spare E.g. Regular: 30/0 With modifier: 30/30 Extra Ammo II - Your gun starts with two extra magazine spare E.g. Regular 30/0 With modifier 30/60 Speedy I - You have increased movement speed when you have your gun equipped Modifier: 10% more speed Deploy Speed I - Pulling out your gun is faster than normal Modifier: 10% Reduce Recoil I - Your recoil on your gun is lowered by 7.5% Reduce Recoil II - Your r
  11. Incident occurred on TTT, at 04/10/21 20:45 approx GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198080901068 Reported Player: Multiple Players - See Below (Multiple Players - See Below) Description of incident: STEAM_0:1:18013394 "Bangers and mash" STEAM_0:1:116746107 "RIP PRINCE PHILLIP" STEAM_0:1:15121129 "LUV ME FOOTY" I have no firm proof of this, but I'm incredibly suspicious that these three are in collusion outside of the game. Two of them in particular, Bangers and LUV ME FOOTY, sound totally identical, never speak at the same time as each other, and damningly, one
  12. ACCEPTED: please contact me through discord when you are free.
  13. Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61790383 Age: 21 Current Server Level: 17 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About Kat: Well I've been playing gmod for a long ass time I'm what you call a server hopper I have a lot of staffing experience under my belt. I play this game a lot and I'm currently learning how to use photoshop so I can possibly become a digital artist. Ah where do I begin what originally got me into gmod was my aunt bought me the orange box when I was around 13-14 an I started by playing css then I slowly migrated over after playing on my
  14. 52mb playermodel dont think its getting added
  15. Crowbar skins: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=177476391&searchtext=crowbar (Would have to disable its extras.) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=344120192&searchtext=crowbar (Would have to disable its extras.) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2382909611&searchtext=crowbar+skin+lightsaber <-- plz cuz frost is best op in R6 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=290748338&searchtext=crowbar+skin+lightsaber https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=162754
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  17. I think it's time to retire this thread
  18. think it might be outdated
  19. Server Release: Stab vest now has only 1 use Permissions changed for staff New T and D addons added Pulse Cannon Cameras Stab vest Removed prop disguiser for now Crate chances upped a bit more Slight VIP incentives More will be added as server progresses! Adjusted hitreg Level lock on guns and skins Smart turret disable - causing nill value Vip locking for shop, Donation website support Bans site Disable all packages on store cant trade
  20. TTT Changelogs This Topic/Section will serve as a changelog to future updates.
  21. This is a good suggestion, but is much more of a long term idea. Currently the main focus is on the freshly renewed TTT server, and it will probably remain that way for some time now. Your idea has been noted though, thanks!
  22. Have you looked at TTT2 (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357204556) it is TTT but adds a bunch of new random roles such as T roles to make ts more diverse, and innocent roles to make the innocent stronger. which can create some interesting gameplay and change the way the game is played in some aspects, also wookiee skin.
  23. ACCEPTED As we are starting a new server, your ban shall be revoked, however you will still need to be sure you've reflected on what went wrong last time and how to make sure you don't cop another one. As a result of this you will be placed upon a probation period until the 29/06/2021. If, during that time, you have any major infractions against our rules again, you will receive a renewed ban from our TTT server. None of that should be a worry to you if you abide by our rules from now on though.
  24. ACCEPTED You have been unbanned, however you must be absolutely sure that you've reflected on what you did wrong last time(s), and how to make sure you don't cop another community ban. After re-joining you'll be placed upon a probation period until the 30/09/2021. If, during that time, you are found to have anything more than a minor breach of any of our community rules again, you will receive another permanent ban from our game community, without any chance of the opportunity you have been given today.
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