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    Ranger icon

    We already have icons for when stuff like fire burning is active. Would be good to have one for when Ranger is active.
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  4. Incident occurred on TTT, at 06/03/23 17:00 GMT+10. My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:21154280 Reported Player: FeverDream (STEAM_0:1:53805153) Description of incident: FeverDream is constantly following me around, false reporting and false KOSing. Those in itself aren't the problem and don't give too many shits about it. It's the content of the reports and his text messages are the concern. He has been making comments about my baby dying of SIDS. This is completely over the line. Monk joined the server while I was making this post so he has already aware and said he'd warn Fever. Images attached. Cheers. Evidence:
  5. Suggestion: Bring back the OG TTT RADIO Relevant Links/Content: Its already in the game How will this benefit the server? Everyone loves the Radio Additional Comments: Radio getting added will increase server population by 350%
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  7. guys please can we get an unban im very sad about dako being banned it maker me very sad guys please
  8. Hey mate, thanks for making the appeal. I banned you because you had 4 valid reports in a map (plus one the first map after) which were all intentional due to the nature of your responses. Whilst the population was low and there was a few other reports it did not seem to be an all out rdm fest. Since it was your first ban and due to the nature of the circumstances perhaps the ban was a little harsh and I will unban you now. The slays will be added and you will receive a warning. Thank you.
  9. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57422909 Reason for ban: Mass Rdm Issuing staff member: Jezza Ban length: 5 Days Appeal: Hi, I was banned for mass RDM it was late at night and the server had devolved into rdming. It wasnt just me there were other members for the life of me I cannot recall their names but everyone was killing. I was just playing along I thought everyone was on the same page.
  10. Hey mate if you could create a thread in https://forums.fluxservers.net/forum/13-ban-appeals/ following the template that would be great.
  11. Unban a brother we was all rdming last night anyway 5 days is a lot, inshallah we will be unbanned!
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  13. free my boy lukas and order, dindunuffin
  14. +1 he has done nothing wrong
  15. Free the ttt player
  16. Yeah clearly the ban was unjust monk get real you potato headed freak i say +1
  17. inclined to give my +1, on the proviso that you enter a probationary period where you do not break any of the discord related rules or you get re-permabanned lol. child abuse is not okay but i can see where the line blurs between funny gif and actual abuse
  18. Server: Discord SteamID: STEAM_1:1:176043513 Reason for ban: Child abuse Issuing staff member: Monk Ban length: Perm Appeal: I was banned for sending a gif of a 'child' getting thrown onto the ground in the general chat. The ban length should of been a set time instead of perm as you have a sticker of Abuse (the dap me up one). I have since learnt from my mistakes to send a gif of 'child abuse' (even though you encourage it with that sticker) and will avoid doing it again. I have waited four months to make this appeal as to have some time to learn and improve.
  19. Added New Maps bhop_2flocci2furious bhop_3_easy bhop_sonicgaming_elite bhop_absolutebhop bhop_addict bhop_addict_v2 bhop_adventure_v2 bhop_bunnyhop_pro bhop_caves_original_strafe bhop_cutiekittenz bhop_cw_journey bhop_happy_killa bhop_not_so_easy bhop_omniouskittenz bhop_slope_v2 Special thanks to @ Lush for help in zoning and choosing these maps.
  20. He can apply for an unmute himself, i personally have told him he can numerous times and he doesn't seem to care
  21. unmute world heavy weight we all miss him
  22. The G502 Hero sports a 1,000Hz polling rate and 1ms response time
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