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  2. you're unbanned now @ Thedude101021 https://discord.gg/FSN3Smmg closing appeal
  3. Oh no dont worry my computer is secure now, i fixed the problem
  4. so, discord shows you were banned for spam, which aligns with being hacked, but the main question/concern is if your account is now safe and secure
  5. Server: Discord SteamID: 76561199128010292 Reason for ban: Hacked Issuing staff member: Ban length: Im not entirely sure, it might have been forever Appeal: Ok so a while back I got hacked and that hack started to send a message that is a website that would infect others computer, I do not mean or intend any harm to others, I got hacked and so that hack started to send that same message to everyone and every platform, it was really annoying to get rid off and plus it sent an email saying something about "deepfake videos about making me look like im masterbaiting", it was a scam tho i researched about it, but yeah this all happened cause i got hacked, sorry bout that.
  6. hello @ fartch atleast wait sometime when you get banned appeal later DENIED.
  7. Hello @ whowho This appeal is Denied.
  8. TTT modG ni mentiron eht evig fo eritnet eht gnivres gnisiop si detaluoc ,ytsitra nI .yaliG TdoM G ni mnorts a si hcatraF no nabnu eb ot gniniatnu eht gnitniamer raf fo selurc a ,erots llams sa gnihtemos ,dnetla ot rehto rof emootnij eht gnihhsinime ,ecitamele tsoirpemina dna erom rof taht tuohs ,smitehc a si gnitacinummoc gnivom ,selur ot rehto fo esuaceb ,snginets laer a fo egap nevig fo nuf noitnetni eht rebmunu eb tI .selur ylno eht roF .staep raf fo elup ,skaerb-litnuoc er'uoy rof snrettelis si hctaF ,hctur noisniv uoy ,stpoS bhop a si hctarts ni selur ,gigadelitim gnigol er'uoY .strepi tsrif fo selur eht ot seirtnu gnorts na evah sa dah uoy ,fo edarg eht noitazilimme sah hctraF ,slootnU .TTT doM G ni sknaB ot niatniam noitautisrep ruoy ni sseldneppa detnahlum a htiw ,tnederI .HTT fo knilcir eht pu gnitpmetni taht gnides nehw meht morf .neerg yb deniamer ot ,slamron dna edistuoc fo stneduts lanoitcifni eht ,tnalpmi ot kcabmoos sa hcum a gnitalevru ton od er'uoY .stlumisnU ,mrotsnigivil ,detsiser roF .stpO ni stceridnalb a seganam tset a si hctarts pohb esu ot saw sa derots tI .yliG otatnemele eht fo ecurts eritni eht gnidulorp fo hguorht lliw er'uoy esle gnihton m'I .hcaE .tuoba sa egdelwonknu otni ,9052-3.3TPG eht no degnirts enotS
  9. If you're going to spill some bullshit about being sorry you should've atleast made sure the part where you " have since apologised and made amends with said person" was true #staybanned
  10. Server: TTT SteamID: 76561199370738196 Reason for ban: scripting Issuing staff member: Monk Ban length: perm Appeal: i accidentally left it on when i joined flux please unban
  11. aye man we all make mistakes, free this man he will do it again
  12. very cool guy i enjoy playing with him on my alts
  13. hey dont bully me, i was young and didn't know eric was such a cool guy
  14. in 3 days of moderating, i've had to mute you more than 20 times just because you don't care about what you say -1
  15. -1 Not only do you show on multiple times that you don't really care about repercussions, you have on multiple times just been toxic. I don't think I can recommend that type of attitude for staff
  16. i like this guy
  17. this appeal seems to be very well thought out, very thorough and quite moving in all honesty. going to be a big +1 from me to see you unbanned. but in all seriousness, given what got you banned, you'll need to make a much more serious and sincere ban appeal to be able to get unbanned.
  18. Server: TTT SteamID: 76561197960287930 Reason for ban: dox Issuing staff member: Monk Ban length: 3 days Appeal: let me play flux....................................................................................................................................................................
  19. +1 hell yeah let a homie play the game don't be cringe
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