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  3. Hey Guys :)) Don't know if this is still active but here are a few that I played years ago. Canyon (big map good for sniping) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=224282233 Lost Temple (heaps of traps/puzzles) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=241365345 Equilibre (super foggy) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=284614653 Westwood (western themed map) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104520719 I have no idea what is involved in uploading maps to the server, but it would be awesome to see some new maps :))
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  5. Okay I completely understand the gag now, never heard my mic before in game and yes that was obnoxiously loud. If the gag remains I've made my peace with it but I'd appreciate another chance. Thanks for taking the appeal seriously
  6. In the video provided I find it highly unlikely you "didn't realise how loud it was" and the comment you made "Aeyon gave me permission it's not mic spam" (which is a blatant lie) while forcing your mic into your lungs shows you intentionally did it knowing it was mic spam. I firmly believe you should not he ungagged but ill be talking with other staff before a final decision is made.
  7. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:42170666 Reason for ban: Mic spam Issuing staff member: Ban length: Permanent Appeal: Hey, I'm sorry for the spam didn't realise how loud it was, promise it wont happen again. Can I please get ungagged?
  8. Bit biased -1 just because could've put more effort into app
  9. Server(s): TTT SteamID: YaBoiHustler Age: 22 Total Hours Played on Flux: 772 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Generic birbobert Debla EDIT: Taylor8380 as well About YaBoiHustler: Where to begin? I spend most of my time at the moment playing video games, whether it ranges from being on console or PC. I especially enjoy my game time with my mates, whom of which i secretly like to one up Reason for Application: I enjoy the time spent on the server and even more so when its not in chaos. I wish to help make it a better place. I suppose the staff members are ok too Previous Experience (if applicable): I was once a staff member on this server, but left to deal with some personal matters. I also was an admin on another server way back when. Its offline now and I forget the name of it Comments: I understand that the amount of times I have left doesn't look good for the record, but my personal matters have been dealt with and I intend to stay this time. The server and its people mean a fair deal to me, and its only recently that I have realised how much of an impact they have had. Thanks for taking the time to consider/read this application
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  11. DENIED Required: Regular activity on our Discord server
  12. +1 Gets the Mars Bar tick of approval. Good lad.
  13. Earlier
  14. Done. I expect my payment by Monday
  15. Make me a strawberry player model. Will pay much V bucks.
  16. +1 Genuine guy, plays on the server a bunch and has a laugh with anyone. Overall really welcoming to new players.
  17. DENIED We don't believe you are suitable at this current time.
  18. To some extent I'm with corn. I'm not gonna +1 you cause I do think you're just a bit of a prick but hey aren't we all. If I got insulted every time I heard the word faggot I'd be little faggot. Slurs used in a comedic fashion can be funny in my opinion at least. I constantly make homophobic jokes with my mates despite being a filthy fucking homo. While I think what strawberry said was in bad taste and not particularly funny, it also obviously wasn't meant as an insult. Snake I like you but mate, sometimes you gotta know when to shut the fuck up. I've heard you use transphobic/homophobic/racist slurs many times in the past. I'm not holding this against you but you've said some things yourself, including transphobic shit towards people that even SOUNDED vaguely trans. You can't criticise strawberry for that because it's just unbelievably hypocritical.
  19. Fat +1 for Strawberry. Saying XYZ slur does not make a person XYZist or bigoted or whatever the fuck the kids are saying now. I used to date a transgender woman, she was an amazing person and I'll never, ever forget the impact she had on my life, and one thing that she was perfectly okay with is being called a faggot or a tranny, perhaps the difference between saying said slur in its intended context (e.g., faggot at a homosexual person), is really what gives it the power. If you go ahead and ask Mr. Strawberry if he'd ever call a trans person a tranny or a homosexual person a faggot, I'd wager a hefty sum of my own life to say that he wouldn't, because he ISN'T: A Bigot Transphobic Sexist A Bully Having being tormented for a good portion of my high school days for liking men, I'd say I know exactly what its like to have these things happen, and to be the target of such abuse. I can tell you that keeping a lock and key on special words that shan't ever be used is what gives it the power, and it is why in today's society saying such words is a huge no-no. It's completely understandable why one would feel that, in a public form, slurs like this are unacceptable (and generally, they're quite rude to call people), but the representation of a man, and who they truly are, isn't based on what funny little words they say to their peers, its based on the prejudice that they have, and as it is built onward from the day they're born as they grow and mature. Funnily enough, he makes fun of me all the time on the Flux TTT Classic server, and I think it's hilarious because it is comedy, a reflection of the human condition, a reflection of what is in actuality, he definitely is not toxic, nor is he a bully; he's just a chap who goes on GMod to have a bit of fun, and by wanting the burden of a staff (A burden in which he'll have to reserve most of his banter), he wants other people to be happier by sacrificing his own happiness for said management. If you genuinely believe that he is less of a man for his funny word usage, then you need to take a good hard look at yourself. later.
  20. +1 I genuinely have never had problems with the guy. Active and respectable.
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