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Cav13 Staff Application

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Steam name: Cav13 'Flux'


Steam id: STEAM_0:1:62382116

Age: 19


Why do you want to become staff? As a regular player who loves to endulge himself in the extremities of the Flux TTT server, i have realised that 30-42.6775% of the time (Statistical Assumptions May Have Been Made), staff are not present and as a result, leaves the server open to minges (as lovely as they may be), Mass RDMers, Revenge Rdmers, ect, which ruins the magnificent experience usually found on the Flux TTT Server. As i am a very relaxed, fun and fair individual (Atleast i think i am...), i believe as a member of the dedicated staffing team of Flux, i will be able to improve the overall quality of life of individuals playing on the Flux TTT server, ensuring the suicide rate remains below 0% (Open To Seasonal Fluxiation - valentines day...), and ensuring an overall better play experience for individuals during the times where the server may be unstaffed, and/or when specific issues arise that may require an inividual taking more time to mediate an appropriate and fair decision / punishment, based on the unique mitigating and aggravating circumstances of the situation (Almost state ranked legal studies... i cry every night ;( )  


Do you have a mic and how often do you use it? Yes, and i use it frequently 


How many hours do you have on our server? As a celestial entity, i am not restricted by the constraint of 'time', however if one was to measure this number it could aquate to around 8.93 hours (At the current time of application - name changed a couple days ago, so most hours recorded on current name listed at the top of the application)


Have you been a staff member on any gmod servers? Yes, Unfortunately these servers have closed down as i have just recently come back to playing gmod (2012-14 was a moderater on 2 diffrent PrisonRp Servers and a small custom TTT server).


These are things that will most likely occur on our server please tell us how you would handle these situations; 


What would you do if you see someone RDM or Mass RDM then leave? I would firstly assess the players history (playtime, ban record, ect), then review the report/ reports (if its a mass RDM) to check the severity of RDM and match these accusations against the logs and damage logs to ensure the reports match what actually happened. After these steps are taken, i would hand down an appropriate amount of Slays and/or a ban (in the worst case senario) that is necessary for the individual to learn from his mistakes and hopfully remain an active member of the server. 


What would you do if someone starts abusing another player? I would firstly let them know that on the flux TTT server we do not condone these abusive actions as we promote a friendly and enjoyable environment for individuals of all genders, sexuality and religion (simplified: basically tell them they need to stop - verbal warning), however if the individual continues these abusive actions after a warning has been given, i would have to enforce a mute/gag punishment. 


What would you do if someone is mic spamming? Depending on the severity of mic spam and if it is bearable for the moment, i would give the individual a verbal warning ensuring they understand that their actions are not allowed on the server, then if they continue to spam after a warning has been provided a mute/gag punishment would have to be handed down. In the case that the mic spam is unbearable and could potentially lead to hearing loss and more negitive long term effects to an individuals mental health, i would first mute/gag the individual then provide them with a warning.


What would you do if you catch someone hacking or scripting? Catching / knowing someone that is hacking or scripting is a very hard assumption to make, however, with adequate proof such as recordings over a range of rounds, that can prove beyond a reason of doubt this person is hacking, i would first show a higher up all the evidence and consult with them an adequate punishment -> Proof usually means a perm ban or a week or two if they are a active member of the community.


What would you do if you catch someone metagaming/ghosting? I would firstly ensure that the individual understands that metagaming / ghosting is against the server rules as it ruins the overall play experience, then if they continue to carry on metagaming, with proof and depending on the severity of the metagaming, i would issue an appropriate ban ranging from a couple hours (first time offence), to a couple days or a week (for a repeat offender) 


- Thanks for reading my application and i hope you all can reach into your heart and help a young ethiopian child fulfil his dreams of becoming a member of the staff team on Flux (Culture / Race may have been exaggerated in this heart warming message <3)

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