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Potential Minecraft Server?

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Hello all!

After a brief discussion on discord, it seems like part of the community  want to play Minecraft. However, there is a bit of a disparity in what kind of server would be best, vanilla or modded.

Some of the problems that have been encountered in the past (from my understanding) were; maintaining the player base, mods too complicated or vanilla too boring. 

I propose that we create a vanilla trial server that is community funded (for incentive to keep playing) with a server wide goal; something like building a server hub/huge building project. Another suggestion was to have a competition in which we recreate some of our fav TTT maps (maybe with prizes).

I think a joint goal will give people who have played a lot of vanilla  in the past a good long-term direction and hopefully stop them from getting bored. As for players who found the mods daunting, vanilla means they could learn from the bottom up and eventually think about a modded server.

I have some ideas of what a large scale building project could be if we get to that point.

I'd love to hear what everyone thinks, so please post some replies! :))

I'd also be willing to try and get this off the ground myself, but hopefully we could do it together.

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