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TheBlueTroll's Staff Application V2.0

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Steam name: TheBlueTroll


Steam id: STEAM_0:1:77126908


Age: 20


Why do you want to become staff? To keep the server a fun and happy place, with atleast 99% less trolls (not 100%, because that would include me)


Do you have a mic and how often do you use it? Its TheBlueTroll, Alot.(unless your colltank, then its A Lot.)


How many hours do you have on our server? 120 (5 days)


Have you been a staff member on any Garry's Mod servers? Yes. I was Moderator on Aussie TTT.


These are things that will most likely occur on our server please tell us how you would handle these situations; 


What would you do if you see someone RDM or Mass RDM then leave?

If someone RDM's And Leave: Slay x 2. one for the RDM, Second for the leave.

Mass RDM And Leave. 1Day Ban


What would you do if someone starts abusing another player?

1. Verbal Warning. (Stop abusing )

2. Gag/Mute as necessary

3. Kick with Warning.

4. Ban for 1hour To 20 Hours depending on how abusive he gets.


What would you do if someone is mic spamming?

1. Verbal Warning. (Stop Spamming )

2. Gag/Mute as necessary for round.

3 If he continues, Gag/Mute as necessary for Map.


What would you do if you catch someone hacking or scripting?

Report it to Admin, Gather Evidence.Kick with Warning, if he comes back and continues. Ban for Day.


What would you do if you catch someone meta gaming/ghosting?

1. Warn.

2. Kick if continues.

Ban for 1 day.

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