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Bulletfeed for Staff on TTT

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Server(s): TTT

Steam Name: Bullet Feed

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:48854866

Age: 22

Total Hours Played on Flux: 50

Recommendation(s) from Staff: ducky


About Bulletfeed:


hey I'm bullet feed or bullet for short I'm a 22 and live in qld i have played gmod for 8 years. I cook stuff and and eat stuff play games and sleep some times .I find myself with alot of free time on my hands to play games with as i dont sleep till 2 am or later so im up all night .I'm not working as of now because of covid-19 but befor i as a chef i know alot about g mod, minecraft, rust and skyrim I also enjoy playing fallout 4, portal 2 as well as rage i have played csgo but im not good at it  dead island 1 and 2 i had fun playing



Reason for Application:


I want get back in to staffing to put my skills to use as i find staffing fun i also want to help make flux fun to play late at night. i also know logs dont lie.



Previous Experience (if applicable):

1-2 months staffing at elite gaming darkrp and 3 years staffing oculus gamings dark rp servers i have got to admin 2 time and mod 1 time could not get higher because life and things and head admin full when i was admin .i know a lot of ulx comands i have most of my keys have binds for staffing with ulx i also know a bit about f-admin comands





I will have more hours and maybe some more refs by the time this is looked at . oh and test 123 test 123 ok yes my mic works.


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Neutral leading heavily towards -1 

Normally I would stick with my recommendation, but after reading your staff application and waiting/expecting you to change it and modify it, I am disappointed to see that you are still yet to make a decent effort. While on the server and discord with you, you seemed to display a large interest and seemed very passionate about the server and genuinely interested in helping the community with the role of staff. But after seeing the amount of effort displayed in your application, I'm starting to think you aren't willing to put work into the server. 

You need to ask yourself 'Why should they accept me?', 'What makes me a better fit for staff than other players'. If you can answer those questions, tell us and convince us in your application. Also prove us wrong and show us you can spend more than 2 minutes on a staff application. 


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