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OrphanBasher69's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198857844654/

Reason for ban: RDM, Making up excuses to get out of slays, Meta gaming

Issuing staff member: Aeyon

Ban length: Indefinitely



I believe that I was banned unfairly by Aeyon. He states that I only come on the server to RDM and mess around. This is not the case however. I have built up quite the inventory on Flux and it is the main server that I play on. I was so devastated to find out that I was banned for reasons i do not believe are true. Yes, I have RDMed, No it was not on purpose. For example on the day I was banned I shot my gun on accident and it killed someone running by, I did express apology to them. I never have and never will meta game. I despise anyone who meta games. I occasionally do play the Flux server with MoistMasterr https://steamcommunity.com/id/MoistMasterr/ but we do not ever meta game. I am just hoping to be able to play Flux servers again. It is my favourite TTT server. Thank you for your time.

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other reasons for this ban were that you and your friend will use the server as your own personal 1v1 server when the player count is low, i have heard this a few times along with many other complaints, i am also going to point out that on multiple occasions you will just run up and rdm someone (including me when im afk) then make up a random excuse to make it seem like it wasnt rdm. not to mention how you and your friend kill each other and make a bullshit rdm report about it. you have multiple karmabans on your account so saying that you only rdm accidentally is clearly false. if you were to be unbanned you will be on a probation and any further incidents will lead to you being permabanned again and you will not have the chance to appeal.

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Aeyon. yes i do understand what you are saying and i am sorry. I respect you as a person and will take the blame for the things you have listed. I will not argue with you or any other mods. I am ok with being on probation and understand the consequences if i do continue to misbehave. Thank you for this feedback.

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