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Thomas's TTT Appeal


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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198142351775

Reason for ban: Warning Threshold for Teaming/Metagaming

Issuing staff member: WildCard

Ban length: 3 days



I genuinely have no idea what I did that was viewed as teaming. My first warning weeks ago was issued after I was revived as an innocent by someone which I understood, but I don't know what I did in this instance. I was separately warned for both metagaming and teaming at the same time. I don't recall any incident that could be viewed as teaming. The warns were apparently issued for something that happened 2 days before. I asked WildCard what I did and if I could see the evidence of this but I was denied, leaving me confused. I would at very least like to see the video that caused me to be banned so that I know what to dispute in regards to the teaming warn. However, this appeal is mostly in regards to the metagaming warn, which in turn lead to the ban due to the three warning threshold. I didn't metagame, and I would like to see any evidence of the contrary.

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Hey Thomas, in regards to information relative to your ban;

Yes, you were separately warned subsequently for meta gaming and teaming, that is a fact, thank you for stating it.

I'm sorry you're unable to recall any events that have lead to these warns, so you can go ahead and check the link I've supplied, that might refresh your memory.

The warns were actually issued for something that happened last Tuesday, unfortunately we don't have any saved by the bell rules, any amount of time that passes after you break a rule isn't going to pardon you, sorry mate.

You did ask me what you did and if you could see the evidence, however, you weren't denied, I asked you to make an appeal.

It's a two warning thresh hold relative to committing the same offence, the meta gaming warn played no part in your ban, this is a Ban appeal subsection not a Warn appeal subsection.

In the following link you will find a clip of; 

  • You being revived as an inno by your friend 'I never RDM'/'Silly sausage'
  • You proceeding to say "If I could only figure out who the other traitor is"



Hopefully I was able to help you understand what you did in this instance 

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Hi WildCard,

Thank you for supplying me with the video, I now understand what I was warned for.

However I feel the video does not show everything relevant that happened in that round, and thus caused context to be lost. The second and third clip were both from the same round (you can see this from the timestamps in the chat). I saw Silly throw a shock grenade at Jeby and I, and then proceeded to KOS him before being killed, thus everyone knew he was a traitor. During this round his T buddy, Cayc, was also KOS'd. Before being revived I knew most of the lobby was dead, and both traitors were still alive. After being revived, I went to kill his traitor buddy first, as he was very close to death and I knew where he was. I made a sarcastic remark about not knowing who the last traitor was, but considering I was the one to KOS him in the first place, I felt it was rather obvious to everyone I knew it was him. After the clip ends, I then found Silly, shot him on sight and ended the round. Although I did not shoot Silly the very first chance I got, I killed him right after I killed his traitor buddy, I didn't team with him and made no difference to the result of the round. 

I appealed for both warnings as you said "That's three warnings, that's a ban", which lead me to believe they both played a part in the ban.

As well as this, I now know it didn't play a part in the ban, but I don't see why I was warned for metagame, as none took place.


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Going to keep this short.


The second and third clip are from the same round, fact, thanks.

You kosed him as Silly, his username at the time wasn't Silly Sausage (Not so obvious to everyone, sorry), you had more than enough time to do so properly, you then proceed to instead of kill him after being revived, walk away. 

17.  ... This includes turning a blind eye to traitor kills as an innocent. No exceptions on any rule because of how you conduct yourself for the rest of the round after the fact.


Please don't falsely quote me mate, I said (And I'm paraphrasing) "you've been warned for this before, that's a ban", I can understand if there was a misunderstanding since I believe I stated you had 3 warns.

This isn't a warn appeal subsection.




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