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Reporting STEAM_00126869558 for Hacking/Cheating

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Incident occurred on TTT, at 09/11/19 20:47 GMT+10.

My SteamID: 76561198090236996

Reported Player: Sandstormman (STEAM_00126869558)


Description of incident:

Pretty sure this dude who was just on was hacking. You can see at the start of the video in evidence he instantly starts shooting at me as soon as I enter LOS and then later at 0:40 he fully traces where Debla goes and locks onto him as soon as he steps outside. Same with milk soon after.

In short, dude was using ESP hacks/aimbot.





Full clip of what happened. Failed to get full footage as I somehow struggled to get first person view of him.

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Thank-you for this report.

I've gone ahead and banned this player permanently off our servers for hacking.

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