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LEVEL 1 CROOK's Appeal

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SteamID: 76561198279167985

Reason for ban: You have been warned for rdm and bad excesses

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: 1 day



I was banned for rdm even though i had only rdm'd one person and said aww i just shot him that's not rdm after receiving 2 insta kills and then got banned for a day for no reason

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As the staff member that banned you, I will be managing your appeal.

You were banned not for the act of RDM but because your response to the player that reported you was something to the effect of ":^) sorry, misclick"
You have prior warnings for lying and being deceptive in your RDM report responses, I have not played with you more than once before today that I can remember but clearly you have caused issues in the past with other staff.
From my understanding you were warned that if you did this again, you would be banned.


As a result of repeatedly not taking the game seriously, repeatedly ruining the enjoyment of the server for others and disobeying directions by staff, you were banned.
Its only a day, you will be able to play again tomorrow around 6-7pm when it expires.



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