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onlyinred for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:199541101

Age: 20

Current Server Level: > 2 weeks

Recommendation(s) from Staff:



About onlyinred:


Hello gamers,

Most of you likely already know of me or have at least heard of me, but for those of you who don't know me yet, I'm onlyinred. I'm a pro gamer and I hear voices in my head. As many of you guys know, I have previously been a moderator before for Flux and after a nearly two year hiatus, I've come back to play some good ol' Flux TTT. Things have changed since my last application, with my first application I was in the middle of Year 12 and studying for my HSC, this time around I've finished high school and currently studying computer science in university. It completely fries my brain most days, so coming home to play some TTT is exactly what I need.



Reason for Application:


Similar to my previous application, I currently tend to spend a lot of time on the server, and there is a sizeable chunk of time when there are often no staff members on, so I would like to fill that gap. The difference from my last time as staff is that now I feel I have matured to the point where I can appropriately distinguish between time and place for certain behaviour, and I know when to be serious and when to be more laid back. I don't intend to be so overly dictatorial as I have been previously, I'm more interested in making sure we all can enjoy the game and have fair fun.

After recently coming back to Flux, I've realised how much I miss it and how much I miss being part of the staff team and really would like a chance to have another go and prove myself once again.



Previous Experience:


- previously moderated Flux TTT

- various Discord moderation roles
- plenty of experience hosting my own game servers



Additional Comments:


I also want to mention, that during my time away, I have not forgotten the server rules, including the finicky little contextual rules, and I remember completely how to operate as a moderator on Flux TTT.


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