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poopbutt for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:55240701

Age: 23

Current Server Level: 6days 6hours (level 29)

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About poopbutt:

Been playing for a couple of months around 6 months, used to be a gamer now im a terrible aim trainer. took a break due to not having my PC, study part time in Laboratory Science and also sell glasses to blind guys.


Reason for Application:

Due to my work I usually work in the mornings and then have all of the week days to do anything, this is also a prime time for people to go rampant during off times. I am mostly on when those people are going crazy with slurs and also RDM due to no one really being active. I know a lot of opportunities to improve that experience for people who aren't exactly on during prime time but still want a fun experience. 


Previous Experience:

Have multiple experiences when it comes to TTT, DarkRP, SantosRP, StarWarsRP
Experience anywhere from being Admins on StarWarsRP or Moderators for smaller RP and TTT servers, I was Staff for GGS (A kind of DarkRP that was more like GTA) until it eventually fizzled out and went offline (around 2 years of staff time but more like 4 as a player)


Additional Comments:

Even if this is denied, I still will strive to help the community and its players with having a great experience in the time they are playing. Thanks for the opportunity to apply and thank you for reading also.

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