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Mister Tarantula for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198105566704

Age: 21

Current Server Level: 20

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About Mister Tarantula:

My real name is james, i used to be owner of a ttt server (Galaxy Servers), before that i was an co-owner/admin/mod on a server called Gummie Servers like 4-5 years ago, ive decided i want to come back to the ttt community to play and have fun when i have some free time, i may have played on flux a long time ago but not like i am now, ive really warmed up to flux and love the people and community surrounding it and want to help be a part of that,

my skillset is that i am a problem solver, if you have a problem or anyone else, chances are i can help fix it, my hobbies are creative things like cooking and music, what originally got me into gmod was watching pewdiepie playing ttt back in like 2014 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ec8uY7x4mE&list=PLteaMougajmc0NM2HPcaGvUILjkZ2O3q9&index=13) this exact video.



Reason for Application:

ive seen how the ttt server works and ive been on when staff are online and when they are not and there is a large difference, people rdm like there is no tomorrow ruining the fun of the game for regulars and newbies alike and i can help change that, and again id like to become more active and make an impact into peoples gaming experience for the better.


Previous Experience:

as i previously stated i have been an owner of my own server, co owner of another working my way up from mod to admin, to superadmin to co owner


Additional Comments:

i understand to your perspective i am new, very fresh but i do have experience, allbeit from a few years ago i still know how the system works and know what is acceptable behavior and what isnt,



James (Mister Tarantula)

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