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Dako's Discord Appeal

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Server: Discord

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:176043513

Reason for ban: Child abuse

Issuing staff member: Monk

Ban length: Perm



I was banned for sending a gif of a 'child' getting thrown onto the ground in the general chat. The ban length should of been a set time instead of perm as you have a sticker of Abuse (the dap me up one). I have since learnt from my mistakes to send a gif of 'child abuse' (even though you encourage it with that sticker) and will avoid doing it again. I have waited four months to make this appeal as to have some time to learn and improve.

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inclined to give my +1, on the proviso that you enter a probationary period where you do not break any of the discord related rules or you get re-permabanned lol. child abuse is not okay but i can see where the line blurs between funny gif and actual abuse 

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