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[FORUMS] 01/23 - 05/23

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  • Bunnyhop to forum server listings
  • Added Misc Servers section for the potential of small pop servers for fun/unwind.
    • Added Bunnyhop subforum
  • Added Server Updates subforum for all future updates.
  • Created Developer Consult Role
    • This will be introduced later down the line for community consultants and retired developers.
  • Redid the ENTIRE rank plaques thanks to @ mellowcholy
    • Spoiler

      + So many others.

  • Added another staff logging subforum
  • Added discord link to IG listings
  • Added Content Team for Developer/Designer/Mapper etc applications
    • Accepted + Designer Sections
    • Forms for it in its entirety


  • Fixed Nekota's issue of not being able to post a staff application (small past error of an unknown individual)
  • Updated Staff Roster
  • Updated Server Listings
  • Updated Staff Permissions
    • Moderation
    • Forms
    • Posting Limits
  • Updated Admin Rank effect as per @ lexx wishes.
  • Allowed Staff Co-Ord role to moderate forums correctly
  • Edited @ mellowcholy name and rank
  • Hotfix: Added a timer for form submissions, hopefully fixes potential duplicates
  • Changed designer to now encompass a team
  • Website Admin now has unlimited upload space
  • Changed rules menu manager to database
    • Linked Flux Database to database button.


  • Hidden DarkRP
    • Removed DarkRP Staff
    • Removed DarkRP Suggestions
  • Yikes 1
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