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Game Night - F2S Recap.


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Game Night - F2S

F2S Event: Saturday 29/04 Starts at 2 PM AEST @here

**Win condition: The team with the most kills in 48 hours will be the winners of the event.**

• In game tag: F2S Winner
• $20 VIP Package

Proof of stats:
To show proof of your kills, F1, Statistics, Select player, pick yourself, request selected, then 6 rows down will be "Kills" Screenshot that and paste in the text chat. You will be reminded to show proof of your kills in the last 8 hours of the event.

Players react to this message with :fist_tone5:  and will be put into individual teams, event master @lexx#8888 may buddy you up with a friend.

• No prop spamming door ways to make it impossible to raid bases.
• No team switching, your assigned team is your team throughout the event.

How to play:

  •  Game is based on base attack and defense, killing people increases your "multiplier" at the top left of the HUD meaning you get money gradually. 
  •  Buy weapons from the F3 Weapons tab, you can purchase weapons permanently or hourly for 40% of the permanently weapons price. 
  •  Go to the Loadout tab in F3 menu to equip guns and buy attachments. Once you have equipped your loadout, when you respawn or use a weapon crate you will have the set guns you picked.
  •  The toolgun is used to place, remove and repair props, it can also be used to place down a max of 5 spawn points and max 1 weapon crate
  •  You can send your team mates money in F3 menu under Finance
  •  You can use a Door Module in slot 4 to place onto any prop to turn it into door, hold the module in your hand and left click a prop. interact with it to go through it```



Really Good turnout for the event.


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