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[SWRP] 29/04/23

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Imperial RP Content Update

Server Content Update:

  •  E-44 Netgun Nerfed
  •  Imperial Arts Nerfs / Buffs.
  •  New SKY Models.
  •  Old Pointshop Items Removed. (In the process of removing the entire addon.)

Bugs Fixed:

  •  Void Cases operating fully.
  •  Augments Removed.
  •  MQS Missions Removed / Fixed.
  •  Shock Access to !AOS.
  •  DEFCON Sounds Fixed.
  •  Lightsaber Powers Fixed.
  • Dynamic Loadouts Fixed.
  •  Vaults Fixed.
  •  Defibulators.

We are currently implementing / updating the following:

  •  New Currency (You wont lose your credits dw).
  •  The IG Battlepass - Reworking / Removing TFA.
  •  212th Regiment. - Black Market Changes.
  •  Adding more Rotation Maps.
  •  Inquisitor Sibling Models.
  •  Balancing Slots to tip towards more military.
  •  Government to have more !banking credits
  •  !banking to be accessible for Lieutenant+


Management Team have been considering the following, but want community opinion:

  •  Donatable Second Characters for exclusively Bounty Hunters / Droids. (We would do a package for both 2nd character + role)
  •  A lot of players have expressed that they want to purchase credits for IRL money, if the community want it - we can provide this service. 
  •  Implementing a Patron system similar to Old Imperial Gaming, with different perks that are custom to this server.

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