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Falco's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:19384473

Reason for ban: Cheating

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: Indefinite




Hi there, I was automatically banned for cheating I believe due to a 6+year old bind that I had to enable some old darkrp workshop scripts, I immediately left as soon as I hit the hotkey. I don't even know what it does anymore it just enabled them.

I never even knew that I still had it as a hotkey anymore. I thought that I removed the hotkey and unsubscribed but apparently I didn't. If you check the logs I instantly left.

I tried to write an autoexec to make sure that the keybind was removed but for some reason it wasn't. I can fully reassure you that I would never have done it intentionally. I am very sorry.

I play flux ttt every day and really didn't want this to happen.

I realise it's ironic that the workshop item has the same name as me but I can assure you I have nothing to do with the making of it. I have 0 knowledge of coding/scripting.


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