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Infected Tips

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Difference between the infected:

Patient Zero (PZ) are the starting infected and they are the most dangerous. They are tanks with speed and knock back resistance.

Turned infected:

Skeletons are very fast but only have 1000HP a single AWP shot to the head will kill them or a jarate and awp to the body.

Zombies are slow when it comes to an infected and can be avoided by survivors that can bhop. They have 2000HP and are the most common turned infected.

Tips for infected players:

- You can use each other as a step to get to them survivors. This is by far the best way to get to them.

- Time your arm swing, there is a delay when you click on your mouse and you being able to infect. Pre-clicking will massively help.

How to counter the infected:

- You need teammates or skill

- Defendable position

- Use the T shop!

- Newton launcher is a very good way to stop PZ because of their knock back resistance.

- The more damage you do the stronger the push back so aim for the head. PZ do have a headshot box they just don't have a visible head.

- Roller mines are also very useful for displacing infected when trying to get to you

- Explosions do a lot of damage to every single infected near them so throw slams but be carefully of the knock back you might launch them in to your team.

- Focus fire, shoot the same infected 

- The jarate is amazing, double damage on all nearby infected

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