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Various Map Suggestions

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Aztec Shrine


Smallish Map, 0 - 24 ish people, a few T traps and a secret.




Another smallish map 0-24 people, nothing fancy and good for mid range combat.


ttt_freddy the ship


Essentially a smaller vessel so less delays hopefully. Has a small boat that circles the map people can go on.




0-16 player map. Small map with a bit of variety which still gives traitors opportunities to kill




Biggish map with underground cave area. People may find the night time map annoying.

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if freddy the ship is added i will personally murder jezza with my bare hands. for anybody interested in helping me do this you can contact me at zelpa#8790 on discord.

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2 hours ago, Limbo said:

Dont we already have forest and aztec shrine? did they get removed? 

Should add the original CS aztec IMO

Im not sure if they were in the past but defs are not atm.

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