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discord roles


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more discord roles to give the discord more colour and more activity

my suggestion is adding roles which you can level by talking in text channels,

and when you hit a certain level you gain the role and have access to text and voice channel


these roles are like the ranks in TTT

level 30 "abyss" purple/pink

level 19 "regular" yellow

level 10 "sergeant" dark yellow

level 8 "corporal" green level 5 private dark green

level 3 "recruit" light grey

level 1 "new guy" white


I could add more but I need your feedback and suggestions to what I could add

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1 hour ago, gifcartel said:

there should be ranks for half levels as well


if im halfway through level 43 i dont want to be grouped with the peons who only just got to level 43

i dont think mee6 can do that

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