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Server: TTT

SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/JG5Z/

Reason for ban: RDM / Random Death Match

Issuing staff member: Kat

Ban length: 5 Days



I would like to appeal this ban as my decently new to the Garry's mod / Gmod Community with servers I'm new to Flux Servers TTT and just barley knew what I was doing I am honestly killing these people cause I saw them act sus and I know I shouldn't do this but sometimes I just predict it and kill them to see If I got lucky and killed them while they were a T I know that's not how you play the game now, I have also just read over the rules and I can assure you this wont happen again, I have read and understood the rules and everything about how to play TTT on Flux servers, Please give me this second chance I will prove to the staff team and community I have changed and bettered myself, Also heres proof of my hours on Garry's Mod (Most of the hours are just on sandbox I barley have played community servers): spacer.png

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