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TTT: Operation Calling Card

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Operation: Calling Card


  • Outline: For this Event, Higashi will give out all participants a weapon with a unique nametag on it (for simple use of tracking). This weapon will have a rare modifier on it, the aim of the game is to level this gun up to 15, first one to do so and post it in the correct channel (Or DM Higashi with it) will receive:
    • 85 Classified Crates
    • X1 Prestige Kit
    • A VIP Package
    • In game, Discord & Forum Rank.


  • Secondary Objectives: Evidence of this must either be on video, supplied in the submission channel or a screenshot showing evidence. (preferred video, but some objectives may take too long for video.)
    • First person to get above 20+ kills as a traitor 
      • 45 Classified Crates
    • First person to successfully jihad 10 people 
      • 15 Classified crates
    • Kill 5 Traitors with a UMP as a detective 
      • 15 Classified crates
    • Use the pulse cannon to get 3 kills (as any class, this can be jumpshotting (no RDMS))
      • 20 Classified crates
    • As an innocent, be responsible for the deaths of 6+ traitors 
      • 25 Classfied crates
    • As a traitor, get 10+ kills using only explosive equipment. (besides Jihadd)
      • 15 Classified crates
    • In deathmatch, get the medal: “Killionaire”
      • 35 Classified crates
    • Succesfully propkill: 5 Innocents as Traitor OR 5 Traitors as Innocent/Det
      • 25 Classified crates

How to enter: React with an emoji on the post in announcements, Higashi will then get people who have reacted to jump on the server at some point to get their designated weapon. This event will not start for at least another couple days to a week, once ready and everyone has a chance to collect their weapon in one go, it will start.

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